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  • CJ...TRUTH,

    Best case scenario is his memory is faulty. If he was one of the best, if not the best, big $$$ player in the 90's itwas the best kept secret in the history of pool. That said, i'd like to see him get off his ass and make a comeback.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, adam
    this guy was part of a Bomber crew in England. my dad was in England in WWII. told me on Christmas eve 1944 they were chopping wood to keep from freezing to death. other stories were hilarious. dad and another guy had to leave a womans apartment quickly. the other guy only got his WOOL pants on and left quickly, passing the british officer returning from leave as he headed to the apartment they just left. dad said the guy liked to itched to death. the wool was a bad thing for him. dad told me also some of the british flight crews did not see british sunlight for weeks, leaving and returning from bombing runs in the dark. one man dad knew had only his granddaughter leftof his family. all others were killed in german bombing raids.
    Pancho El Poucho LMAO. I check Funny pic/gif daily and I have to say you have posted some of the best stuff on this site. Best regards John
    Too maany times in my life i have met people at the right the right time i needed them for it to be coincidence , Angels are all around and evey now and then they step in when we need em most

    Have a good one Terry

    Hey Blue Hog, thanks for such a nice comment I appreciate it ! Yea I've loved dogs since I was a little kid ! Animals are the nuts ! I have so many more stories that I'm recording, I'll put them on paper soon. I have to hurry while the people in them are still around :) Your friend, Robert
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