American Juniors Prepare to Travel to 21st Annual WPC


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I just spoke to Joe Villalpando & he is prepping to travel to the 21st Annual World Junior 9-Ball Championships in Willingen, Germany. He is accompanying his student (Chad Behnke), Chad’s parents (Jerry & Margie), and Chad’s Grandparents as Chad represents the United States.

Joe has been working with the entire Behnke family for the last few years and that hard work has paid off! They have a room filled with pool trophies and they hope to bring home a really big one at this tourney. I wish Chad the best of luck as he takes on the world’s best.

The group will leave today, November 30th, so they can take a few days to travel around Germany, Austria, & Switzerland before the tourney starts on December 5th. Talk about taking full advantage of an opportunity!

Chad is sponsored by and Jacoby Custom Cues. In fact, Chad’s older brother (Ryan) shares the same sponsorships.

Remember, live streaming for the event will also be available via PPV at

I’ve known Joe for more than 15 years now & only recently realized what effect he has had on our pool community. I knew he was a great teacher and that he was always able & willing to help anyone that asked, but until we spoke about it…I failed to realize the success his students went on to realize.

Under his tutelage, Joe’s former wife, Kris Turner, rose from obscurity to win the 3rd Busch World Open & become featured on Pool & Billiards Magazine in August 1986 (see the photo below). Remember, this was the era of Queen Jean....very few were able to break through & win a tourney when she was playing.

A friend of ours, Dan Shepard, went on to win both the Iowa & Illinois State Tourneys after taking a few lessons from Joe!

The entire Behnke family holds countless titles.

There are many people that can teach, but there are few that can take a player from beginner to the highest level. Joe has that special mix of knowledge, simple/applicable systems, pure teaching ability, and drive the bring the best out of his students.

Joe has seen & done it all. In the 80's, he won the Old Milwaukee Cup besting a field of pro's like Dallas West, John Abbruzzo, Billy Incardona, Ismael Paez, Ed Kelly, Lou Butera, Artie Bodendorfer, and Jeff Carter.




With less than a month until this year’s 21st Annual World Junior 9-Ball Championships, the countdown continues…
This year’s event will be held at the Sauerland Stern Hotel in Willingen, Germany December 5th-8th. Follow their progress here. Live streaming for the event will also be available via PPV at
Meet our six young players representing the U.S. this year:


Brendan Crockett
From Bell Canyon, CA
Runner-up in the 2012 Junior Nationals (boys 18 & under)
Current Age: 17


Chad Behnke
From Farley, IA
Current Age: 17
Finished third in the 2012 Junior Nationals (boys 18 & under)


Brady Behrman
From Albers, Illinois
Current Age: 18
Finished fourth in the 2012 Junior Nationals (boys 18 & under)
Brady is replacing champion Landon Shuffett in the competition as Landon declined his invitation this year for personal reason.


Zachary Hampton
From Rocky Mount, Virginia
Current Age: 15
Champion in the 2012 Junior Nationals (boys 14 & under)


Briana Miller
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Current Age: 17
Champion in the 2012 Junior Nationals (girls 18 & under)


April Larson
Bloomington, Minnesota
Current Age: 12
Champion in the 2012 Junior Nationals (girls 14 & under)


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It's too bad I posted about this worthy venture on a tumultuous day on AZB. These kids & their families deserve respect & encouragement for the effort & expense they are incurring to represent the U-S-A.


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Best wishes to the U.S.A. Juniors in Germany. Have a safe & 'productive' trip. Win or lose it will be a great experience. But.....Win! That always makes trips better.

Best of Luck in the competition,


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Joe was beside us at the US Open and he talked about this all week. I could tell he was excited. Chad does play good and I really wish him the best. Joe is a great teacher from what I have seen. Good luck to all :thumbup:


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Joe Villaponda is one of the best people you will meet in pool. Joe played a ring game with us for hours at the Derby last year. He is always a blast to be around. Great teacher too.