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  • Hey man, stop out some night and hit some pool balls.

    We'll see you then.

    Wishing you a very happy birthday today. Hope you enjoy many more with happiness and love in your heart! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    I saw in your post about the APA that you were not happy with the leagues in your area and so you started your own 14.1 and 1P leagues. Do you still have those leagues? Who did you go to for support and ideas? I live in Des Moines and would love to play in a 14.1 league but I don't think we have enough players interested in the game around here. One pocket is becoming more popular but about 2 months ago they started having a 1P tourney every Saturday afternoon and they about 6 players each week.
    I really enjoy your break analyses...the higher quality Charlie Bryant video is gone from the servers--could you please upload it again?
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