An App for Improving Your Game?


Professor of Human Moves
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Bored while waiting for something recently, I desperately downloaded the 1st Pool app I could find to my phone. It was called "Shooting Ball". It took a while to figure out all it's features, but I found it fun. It allows for specific aim, stroke speed/force as well as cue tip placement on the cue ball. I've found that the app realistically incorporates the effects of english on how the cue ball reacts. The app doesn't keep track of your progress, but it does show you how you did and as such gives you feedback which should challenge you to do better.

I'm about 200 games in and, for me, it has forced me to start consistently thinking multiple balls ahead which eventually became planning my patterns out in detail. This required more precise cue tip placement on the cue ball as well. Of course executing all this on a real pool table is a completely different animal, but I've been able to take the mental planning progress with me and have been playing smarter.

The app can be a little silly as it presents you with pool table shapes you'll never encounter in real life., but the challenge of it all is least I found it fun. Purist may not. This app is free. I highly recommend it.