Andrew Park for Sale: A Real Beauty


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Hi Guys,

This is the Andrew Park one of a kind I've been playing with for the last 5 years or so. Great cue, just want to sell it to someone who loves it for a great price. It was actually refinished after these photos were taken so it looks even better now, there is just a small hairline crack in the butt cap that does not change the playability. Still, for looks, that could be changed eventually.

19.5 oz. Vinyl Wrap (feels great)
Comes with 29 inch matching joint design predator shaft, very thin. I think it's around 12mm. Don't have a precise measuring tool on me. The shaft is new but nicked up a little and rolls almost perfectly straight.

I play with a different predator shaft that I am keeping for my next cue which will probably be a steel joint. It's a 5/16 14 threaded pin with a flat joint so you'll need a flat faced joint on your shaft with that thread.

Way too many compliments on just how beautiful this cue is to remember. Andrew Park does amazing work. Plus it hits great, and I've won a lot of tournaments with this cue.

I was asking $1,750 for it several months ago because that's what I think it is worth.

Now, I'm asking $1,000/Best Offer.


Max Eberle


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Bump for a really nice Wood-Combo.
I love Purpleheart if it s combined with the right woods-and here Park did a great job.

lg from overseas,