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  • Many thanks as always Will, glad to hear from you. The Joss box cues are familiar to me, playing in the Baltimore area in the mid 70s. I suspect this cue may have been owned by you at one time or another.

    All the best,
    Hoot Albaugh (WildWing)
    I'm not sure if my PM to you went though; I'm totally new to the forums, but I have a Tunder cue for sale if you or anyone you know is interested.
    Just wanted to thank you again Will, you really make this site a better place. Thanks for taking the time to send me that picture last year!

    I sincerely appreciate it!
    Will, thank you for the "greenie". Truly appreciate your comments. Like you, my rep maxed years ago. Still I'm honored! Sometimes I get my engine reving and don't know when to shut up. Thanks for bringing me back to earth.
    Hey there. How much are Billiardette tables worth? Looks in good shape, everything works (supposedly) with keys. Nickels. I saw a pic of your collection. AMAZING!
    Will....check out the thread "Billiardette table-1930s"....it's on the first page, main forum, right now.
    All good here Will. How you doing? Sad to hear about Bob Byrne. He was a great guy, funny and classy at the same time. Wish I could have spent more time around him.
    Good day Mr. Prout. I have posted a unique and rare Rambow cue to the "for sale" forum. It is a level 5 prototype with 48 inlays of ebony, ivory, and mother of pearl. Any mega collector would love the piece. Even if you are not interested in it, you should have a look! Have a great day.
    Hi Will! I have been sharing with friends my experience of meeting you and having the pleasure of viewing your treasures . I look forward to finding out how the cue cabinet turns out. Please let me know. Also there were two questions that I wish I would have asked. 1 what cue do you play with? 2 what is the history of your table?
    I heard you may have a Mcdermott Portico for sale, and if not you might help me locate someone who does.
    It was suggested by a member that I ask your opinion of the value of my dad's pool cue collection, several of which I have posted on the site. I would appreciate any help you could provide. If you haven't seen the postings, I can send them to you privately.

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