Antique Brunswick 13oz Snooker Cues

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I have two 1 piece Brunswick snooker cues which have 13oz stamped on the
cues. The first has a "Brunswick Regent Cue" Crest on the bottom and the other has a " The Brunswick Balke Collender Co of Canada Limited" Crest.
These cues are both 60 1/2" long.

I'm interested in knowing the value of these cues. Please have a look at the pictures and let me know.

Your help is appreciated.
Thank you in advance.



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First of all welcome to the forum!

These cues are rare and look to be in great shape. They look the same diameter as the rubber noise subduer on the ends, in other words thin butts. I am not sure but the pic of the points look like they are stained and the whole cue might be made out of the same piece of maple, Thin butts and stained points were away of keeping the weight down on these long cues.

I have a small collection of vintage label cues and have a few snooker cues in this collection, but I have never seen either of these labels before.
The label on the cue on the right seems much older then the Regent label but they are so similar in the way they look that they might be roughly the same vintage.

I am afraid to guess the value of these cues but I could see a collector maybe paying $150 each. Of course that is a wild guess, others on this board might chime in with a more accurate price. Nice cues.:)