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  • Jim,

    A friend needs some help. Been talking to him awhile, definite seems like one of the good guys. Needs a refinisher/restorer for an old cue. I figured you would be able to steer him or would know who to ask. BiloxiBoy is his handle.


    Hi Hu! I feel rotten about not updating you on things on my side. With it starting to snow here I should have some time now. I have done two kitchen remodels this summer and have spent 10 weeks away from home so I have an excuse.
    I have seen some of Ernie Martinez's work on old cues and they have turned out nice. After retirement (3-4 years) I will start refinishing some of my own.
    I keep hearing really good stuff about Proficient Billiards. Top work and fast with reasonable prices, although I have never used them myself. I know you sent me your email address earlier this year but it would be easier for me if you sent it again so I don"t have to hunt for it. I will try and ask around to see if my buddy uses any one else besides Ernie.
    Hi there, I was just passing thru the other day and remembered David Terrell , ... wanted to say hello back at ya! doing great hope the same for you too!

    David Harcrow
    Where you the one looking for leftover linen for jump cues?
    Let me know iff you are...

    Thanks for the greenie. Sometimes the truth really hurts. Sometimes one learns from ones mistakes and TRIES not to repeat them. Sometimes we're just too dense to understand. Hopefully I learned!
    Hi, I enjoyed our talk ! I did get to the P.O. and the USPS tracking # is:
    9114 9999 4423 8017 3333 00 They should be delivered on Monday (and if not, latest Tuesday). Let me know when they arrive? Thanks,
    Hope today is full of joy for you and yours!

    Before I die, I will try einstein 9. At least one rack. After that no promises :D
    I understand Simonis's position on selling the DVDs I made for them to the public, and wanting to sell them only to table mechanics, but that was NOT my intent when I made them trust me. I feel in order to change and improve this industry, not only should the table mechanics learn to do their job better, the public should also have the option to know what's right and they can tell the mechanic...I'm NOT stupid, I want my table worked on RIGHT, and if YOU can't do it, I'll find someone that CAN, or I'll simply do it MYSELF! how one makes this industry stand up and be accountable for the "Profession" that this line of work is suppose to be...LOL

    Glen, the "Cobra"...LMAO
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