Any home only players


apart of their 'semi public'
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If you're trying to make us feel jealous by showing off your mancave and table, you've succeeded!
With what I save not playing in bars, it will pay for itself in roughly 67 years.

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I'll play at a bar or hall if I'm there for some other reason with friends, but disappointment with the equipment at public places was my motivation for a home room. I've never been in a league...or even considered it.

Whenever I see someone post a nice home room like that, I always check location to see if I can invite myself over for a visit. You are a bit too far ;)


I’m also a home player, play mainly at home and the odd time at the in laws, had a crappy pool table years ago and played at the bar, then got rid of the table and made room for kids to play and watch TV.

Well fast forward to kids are grown up and new house has way more room, always wanted a black solid wood table with red cloth, so bought One this Christmas and got back into playing again, forgot how much I missed it, and bonus is I can now practice for when I go to the in laws and stop getting my butt kicked lol.


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Home Player....yep I am one. I get down to Denver 6-8 times a year to play real players. At home I play the 7 ball ghost on a tight Diamond and win, most of the time. Its quite a trek to the flat lands but when I get there Measureman is waiting with a high gear. I am lucky to have My own Diamond pro set up by RKC but playing strong players when ever I want would be danutz.


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Thanks for all the responses.
Some awesome home rooms being posted.

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