Any New Ideas for Fixing Broken Slates?


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A while back, I converted a 5x10 Gold Crown Billiard table into a pocket table. Unfortunately, the table had to be disassembled after only about 3 months of use. The table has been in storage for the past several months, though I just received word last night, that someone had moved the slates, and somehow split the center slate in half.

I have seen some threads in the past, in regards to fixing broken slates. A couple of the more notable threads were from RKC and TableTek. I'm just curious if anyone has come up with any more creative ideas since those threads were last active.

I haven't seen this slate yet, so I don't yet have a plan of action. It sounds like it was a clean break, straight across. Though, I don't yet know if that was across the length or the width. Either way, I'm sure it'll be a fun fix.

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I fixed a broken slate on my GC 1 using RKC's method (shown in the thread where he uses soup cans to prop up the slate). Easy fix and it worked great.

found the link:

I've used the same method on two broken pieces on one table. It was my customer's grandfather's table passed down and she'd had two companies tell her it couldn't be done. It's a great feeling to see tears of joy when you accomplish something that other "professionals" say isn't possible.