*** Anyone have Kevin Varney's contact info? ***


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I'm not very good at exact dates,
but it's been about a year and a half ago
I gave Kevin Varney a downpayment on a
break cue. I've heard through AZ member
Pushout that he has had some health issues
and I truly wish him a speedy recovery. But
I would also like my break cue. It should have
been delivered a year ago this coming April.
I'm not really angry, as I understand stuff
happens, especially serious health issues,
but I would like my cue. The last break cue
I had from Kevin was the best break cue I
had ever played with, and that statement
holds true to this day. So if he's still able to
make cues, I'd like a break cue. I don't care
if I have to pay for it in full, if he's lost my
downpayment for whatever reason. So anyone
with his contact info, please send me a PM so
I can call him and make arrangements to get
another killer break cue. Thanks in advance...