Anyone Know John Walz ?


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John J. Walz of Matawana, N.J. special ordered an extra long 1x2 cue case from me and paid in full up front. However, on the same day that it was delivered he had a temporary hold on the monies in my Paypal account for non-delivery. I have contacted Paypal and provided them with all info. to prove it WAS delivered, but, now it could take up to 75 days !
In the meantime Mr. Walz has not answered numerous e-mails and phone calls.


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I know him. John is sometimes slow to answer phone messages but I don't think he would stiff anyone. Keep calling. He plays in leagues almost every night.


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Thank you.
Just MHO, but, I feel he has really been out of line on this one.
All I want to do is to get this resolved and go on.


steve Price Case

First and Foremost, I ordered and paid for the case back on September 30,2010, see below:
Sent to: steve price
Amount sent: -$280.00 USD
Fee amount: -$8.42 USD
Net amount: -$288.42 USD
Date: Sep 30, 2010
Time: 09:55:28 PDT
Status: Completed
Subject: You've got money!
Funding Type: Credit Card
Funding Source: $288.42 USD - American Express Card
This transaction will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL *PRICE7".

The reason I paid you in full is because you were going to put everything on hold and get my case to me within a week. I gave it two and then I called you, you seemed to misplace the information, so then I e-mailed ou the measurements, all this around October 12, 2010.

Then, I spoke with you on several occassions and you were going through some problems. I was promised the case on several occassions, and I did not receive the case on several occassions as promised.

I called you on Tuesday night and left you a message. I did not hear from you so that night I initicated a case with AMEX. The next day I received the case at lunchtime, and I received a call from you. we spoke and I called AMEX and closed the open case with them.

We were just on a conference call with them and they told you all of the above just as I stated.

I just logged onto my PayPal account and went to the Resolution Center, See below:
Chargeback Details
Transaction ID: 15B5440994086814V
Seller Name: steve price
Seller Email:
Transaction Amount: -$280.00 USD
Transaction Date: Sep 30, 2010
PayPal Case ID: PP-001-191-086-061
Reason for Dispute: Item not received
Chargeback Reason Code: 155
Chargeback Amount: $288.42 USD
Chargeback Date: Jan 19, 2011
Status: Waiting For Seller's Response
Status Details: Thank you for informing us that you would like to cancel this chargeback. Please also contact your credit card company to notify them that you accept this transaction.

So, everything should be good now, please check your account.

I have been very, very, very patient since September 30, 2010.

Tell me, if the role were reversed what would you have done ???

Thanks, John


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John, you forget, you changed the specs on your case twice after you ordered it. Remember, two weeks afterwards you advised that it had to hold cue sections of 32 1/2". I had to start all over on it. Then, I had some health issues which I advised you of and I ALWAYS took your calls or if missed I returned them. You called an average of once a week. Then, much later (approx. 9 weeks) you wanted a certain design on your case. I might ad that I did not charge you anything extra for the changes or for that matter to over night express it to you.
Bottom line is, you have your case, that you said you are pleased with, but, I still do NOT have my money.


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Wow Steve only Less than 4 months for one of your custom cases, one should be so lucky.
I must admit Steve you are one of the most stand up guys in the billiard industry to deal with.Also one of the select few that I would ever trust my wallet with.
Plus you make a hell of a case my friend.
Hope it all works out .


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lets see

not to bust this thread, but could you PM me pics. of your work and prices on the different style cases you make..thanks


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As many of us have experienced, PAYPAL takes their own sweet time. It sounds as though both you and Mr. Walz once had cause for concern; now that it is resolved you can expect Paypal to take their sweet time in actually processing the cancelled chargeback. And good luck talking to them in person... reserve a few hours if you resort to that.

Nice to see that this will all work out.


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I have my $ !!!
I'm happy, my booky is happier.
All's well that ends well.


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Hey Steve,

I don't know the whole story/details of what went down, but I sometimes wonder about someone that puts this stuff on a public forum. In my mind, putting this stuff out there is a last resort.

Based on the little I've read, it doesn't sound like you had any real problem, other than normal issues when dealing with Paypal and maybe some small, small miscommunication. I really feel you jumped the gun on this.

I know John Walz. HE is more of an acquaintence, but I've known him for a bunch of years. He has a great reputation as a straight up guy. I feel reputations speak volumes. Because of that, I highly doubt that John set out to rip you off. If anything, this thread serves to more or less potentially tarnish someone's reputation.



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Well, like you said, you don't know the whole story.
However, it's a moot point now. It's over. Time to go on.


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Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you like you case that much. I try to put my heart and soul in to each one. Steve