anyone looking to put me in us open


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Congragulations on winning the U.S. open John!

I'm sure you wouldn't remember, but in case ya do. Years back you played a buddy of mine Rick for some cash (with the 7 ball) and pretty much killed him. You took about 3 Bills off of me and a pool cue. Plain Jane pool cue with a Unilock.

I would surely like to buy that cue back if you still have it around or know where it is? Be willing to give more then it's worth, and twice as much as we agreed upon for it in the set.




Where are all the naysayers now? Eating humble pie I believe! I really don't want to gloat so I won't. I hope they all have a new respect for John Schmidt now. He is a world beater for sure. Maybe thet can learn something special from all this. I hope so. No hard feelings guys. We all put our foot in our mouths now and then.


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Congratulations to both John and Purdman! Aside from the prizemoney, I guess the biggest reward is being able to say "nyah nyah nyah! I told you so!" :)

just curious: how many others staked John aside from purdman? I read quite a few making offers....