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  • Hi John,

    I'm just a small town pool player up here in northern Minnesota. I have never seen a professional play. I have never played 14.1 until Dec. 2010. I had to look up the rules of play and watch a couple of matches on YouTube just to learn the game. I have my own table but sadly it is a 7 foot Valley.

    Is it easier with more playing surface because it seems like I have to be very tight with bumping balls around, a little too hard and the ball goes too close to the rail and on a 9' I could have easily pushed it over for the perfect break ball.

    I did end up with a 99 ball run, it is posted on the challenge. If you have time with your busy schedule, could you give it a watch, I am 100% open to advice.

    Thanks John,

    PS Do you have any videos? I would love to watch and study your playing.

    Scott Brazier
    Side Pocket
    Hi. My name is Kyle Smith. I'm the manager at a family run pool room in Fox Lake, IL. We recently bought and took over the room. My family and I have very strong beliefs on how a pool hall should be run. I am not looking for dirty, scumy room that is frowned apon for fights and being full of hustlers. We are 9200 square feet with 26 pool tables. I would love to talk more with you if you are still interested in relocated. You would play for free all the time here. Iam in the process of recovering all my tables, repainting the entire building and running a 1000 dollar added bi-weekly bar box tournament. I will be trying to run a very similar tournament to the one ran at The Carom Room in Beliot, WI. There is a large 64 or 96 player turn out every other week from this tournament starting in Sept. Alot of the players are from the Chicago land area and will be joined the tournament I will be throwing on oppisite weekends. Thank you for time and I hope to hear back from you.
    Hey John congrats on ur playing the lasy couple years.Ive been watching Bills runs and I think its great the support u give him. I think I read he doesnt realy get out and gamble much,if thats the case can u imagine if you took this guy on the road for a year and got him in action everyday how good hed be playing.Id realy like to see you guys play on 5x10s with the old slow cloth and big pockets,no disrespect to Willie but with the extra room and big holes I can only imagine the numbers you guys could put up.I wish espn would put some 14.1 on they never show the mens 9 ball anyways so they cant say thats what we want. Im realy tierd of trickshotsand speed pool(no dis to the players lots of talent there) but it would be nice to see real pool irving crane and cicero murrphy and greenleaf,thank god for youtube.Good luck, you seem like a real down to earth player,the sport needs more champs like you and then maybe we could finally get paid like real athletes
    Visit for a sneak peek. I am 30 minutes from NYC and 45 minutes from Philadelphia with access to ALL major highways and NJ Transit train stops. Feel free to contact me at Sandcastle Billiards (732) 632-9277. People contact me for action ALL the time! I look forward to speaking with you!
    Hi Mr. Schmidt

    I am Ed Liddawi, Sandman, owner of Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, NJ. I currently have Al Lapena here as my house pro. Why not more than one pro in the room? I also have recently become friends with Steve Lillis who also lives in NJ and wants to frequent my pool room. Alan Hopkins visits from time to time. I am THE action room and the #1 players' room of New Jersey. I host TWO weekly handicapped 9-Ball tournaments which pros can participate in on Tuesdays and A-B-C-D only on Thursdays. I have a BCA straight pool league on Mondays and hopefully soon, an 8-Ball league on Wednesdays. I am also going to soon host an open 10 ball tourney on Sunday afternoons and a monthy $500 - $1,000 "challenge match" (ACTION NIGHT) as well. I am currentyly looking to set up some pocket billiard courses with the local community college and high Schools which are all less than 2 miles away from my location.
    Greetings, John.
    My name is Andy Gundersen, and I live in New Mexico. I saw your post about relocating, and unfortunately, I can't offer any potential sites for that venture. I'm sending this message to see if I might be able to set up a lesson session with you. I grew up in El Paso, Tx.........but I began playing pool when I moved to Albuquerque in the 70's. I was very lucky to be able to play straight pool with the late Jimmy Moore, when he could still really play. I learned much from him, and can still remember how incredible his deft touch was. They did not play the "power pool' that is played today, rather a more artisic approach to the game. Jimmy rarely smashed the balls with his break shot, instead he just picked the rack apart.........very effectively. At any rate.....I have run 100 and over before, and at 53, I feel like I've not played my best pool yet. Good luck in your quest.
    Thanks again for all your support and for hanging out with us all week John!! It was awesome! :) It was really amazing to see you play in person. Last time i saw you play i wasnt really into pool and i wasnt paying attention to the game much ( was waitressing at the pool room) So to finally see it no matter how bad YOU thought you played was truly amazing!
    hope to see you next year!

    Hey john its Paul Marquez from Portland, do you remember me?
    I want to congratulate you on everything. Nice work.
    John saw some good stuff on U-tube POOL BUM-Thank you ever so much for the pool tips.I think i am getting addicted to 14.1 Thanks for being an ambassador to the game for us.>>HANK<< a fan
    Hello John - I met you at the US Open in October with a friend of mine and it was a pleasure to meet you and talk with you. My friend said he saw a post you made on az that when you got back from the open you taped a straight pool run you made. He was wondering if the run was available on dvd.
    Linda McGill
    i meet you last night at chalk it up Billiards. I was the last scotch doubles match on your team. it was a pleasure to meet trying to make it to the world tournament this year.I played in New Jersey last year for the national straight pool championship but i was so nervous haha,Maybe this time i can actually play my game.ill work on getting my 100 ball run .

    your good in my book buddy, I hope everything has been going good for you. Mark is great to work with-I'm wishing you all the best of success with your tour. Mark is creative and works hard. If I can do anything never hesitate to give me a ring.

    happy Holidys
    Having followed your runs in straight pool with great interest, I'm curious about your cue--not so much the brand, but the weight and tip size.
    John, My name is Walter Kelley and I have talked with you several times at DCC (during the fire out front of the hotel in the cold was one time). Me and a freind of mine, Dee Sands from Alabama, have been meeting a couple times a year in different towns each time for some One-Pocket. We are meeting September 5 & 6 in Gulfport, Mississippi at a place called Skeeters with 9 foot Diamonds. We will have several other freinds meet there too. I was just wanting to invite you to join us for some One-Pocket practice, if your schedule would permit you. If you are interested, you can read the following thread at One Pocket.Org........
    I don't know what's the proper etiquette. There was a post on a thread about Fast Larry(?) one of the posts was how practicing 14.1 translates to rotation games (if it hurts or helps).

    I've been practicing 14.1 due to your comments on runout radio about how Bobby Hunter advised you to play it to improve your game. What's your opinion I've heard great 9 ball players like Buddy hall hate 14.1 (I love it)?
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