Anyone on here in the Kansas City area?


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I live in Lawrence and we dont really have anyone that does decent cue repair to my knowledge, but there are a lot of players here (me being a regular lol!) Ive been interested in getting into cue repair and future cue building, but was wondering if anyone local to me was on here to maybe clue me in on what im getting myself into before I possibly sell off my Suzuki Samurai rock crawler I built to the hilt to fund my new venture. Wife says one toys gotta go before getting a new one!

I have read all I can on the forums here, but still dont have a good clue as to what all is entailed in building and repair, as the really arent any stickies or rough guides, but I have been watching all the videos linked on here and will continue to search the web for more to learn. I just dont have a spare $250 lying around atm to buy dvds and books (just wrapped up the money I have in buying a cue from Bill the Cat), and Im not asking for any charity here lol, just looking for some advice because I know a lot of guys here in Lawrence that could probably use some local repair and shaft cleanings!


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Buy chris hightower's book. If you have questions give me a call. Pm me and I will give you my number and will help you get going and teach you what what I know. I was just like you and I know what you are getting into.


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Doug Patrick - az name patrickcues - posts on here & his shop is now in the Olathe, Ks "Shooters" location owned by Dan Tull. Might pm him.

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Doug Patrick is your man- as mentioned, located at Shooters in Olathe, KS! He can handle ANY repair job you need and/or can build you a well constructed, great looking and a fine playing cue. Doug's great to work with and will work with you on your needs. Give him a call!