Are Mali cues decent playing cues (compared to other lower end production cues)?


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I have not hit a Mali since 80's. I remember it playing very well. Don't know about newer Mali though.


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I know, i know. I was just digging up old Mali threads. :smile:


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I just picked up an old green logo (no box) plain- Jane Mali from a pawn shop.
Hits pretty good


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Thanks for your replies. I recently learned that very few production cues are made in the USA these days. The only ones that I know of that are made in the USA (not including the custom cue makers that are production, like J Pechauer cues for example) are the ones below.







I have no idea where Mali cues are/were made, but I never knew that they are/were american made cues. If they ever were made in america, than they must have been decent quality cues (I am guessing). I see that they have (or had) a Vintage series (that retailed for the $200 and over range) in the link below.

I am mostly curious about their playability, and quality. Are the onder ones (with the 3/8x10 joint pin) better quality? Are the Mali cues even being made anymore? Thanks.
I worked for Mali in the mid 90's they were made in a little town called Clayton, Massachusetts. Some time after '95 they moved to Sheffield, Massachusetts before finally going overseas to be manufactured.

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