Attention all RASCHIG owners and collectors.


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Well, my two cue balls arrived today.
The shipping carton was really well packaged.

Both of the balls look brand new in every aspect.
The stands for the cue balls were also included.

Each ring is approximately one cue tip's width apart.
Raschig or otherwise, I'm really pleased to have these.

Thanks to Rupert & Kerry for sharing these with the Forum.

Matt B.


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Mine came yesterday and is on display on my mantle, very nice pedestal.
Thanks Kerry !


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Thanks a million, guys, for chiming in letting us know that you’ve received your prized packages - THIS is the reason R and I dedicate so many resources to this relentless pursuit for the unusual and elusive ... to share the rewards with you guys and keep things fun and relevant.

More to come!

~ K.

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