Ausable Inn Takes another title


Northeast Michigan ,
After takeing the season championship in a strong league, they went to the Northeastern Championship last weekend and won again . They lost thier first match vs a very strong Desi's team but went the rest of the day and night without another loss to beat the Oscoda Eagles team twice In the finals the first match winning 9-3 and the second match went to the last game tied at 8-8 Lonnie Wilber With a full table draw shot into a space of 6 inches and makeing a double carom shot into the corner pocket to leave a near stright in 8 ball for the win .
This caps a near perfect season with only one loss in Regular season and one loss in the tourney .
the team is made up of ; Paul Galea , Terry Dutcher ,Joe Shugart, Roger Clouse , Terry Pierson ,Jesse London , and Lonnie Wilber
Great Year guys !


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Hey Lonnie,
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