BCE and Gabriels Snooker Tables for Sale


Before i start with post a little about me and how i acquired these tables. I'm a billiard table mechanic and over the years i purchased multiple British, American/Canadian made snooker tables in various conditions. I sold most of them, but a few tables still remain. I ran out of storage space and i do need to sell these tables ASAP.

If any questions arise feel free t o contact me through my email: levka2000@yahoo.com or call @ 416-333-6789 (I'm located in Toronto, Canada)


"BCE" Westbury Snooker table 12 (Made in England) - These are the tables that were used in Snooker World Championships for over 30 years. In opinion of many top snooker pros the best tournament table produced. One of the few tables that has a steel-block rail construction which provides consistent and true bounce of the ball.

3 TABLES AVAILABLE. PRICES RANGE FROM $1500-$3000 including brand new cloth and brand new accessories. All tables in excellent condition. Completely reconditioned i sold these tables for over $7000, but i no longer have time nor space for it. I will help arrange delivery to US and Canada through a shipping company I've been working with for years.

- Manufactured from the finest mahogany.
- Available with traditional 3/8ins steel block cushions to provide the professional player with true response and consistent speed under all playing conditions
- 1 3/4ins 5 piece precision ground Italian slate
- Comes with finest 6811 Gold 100% all wool cloth
- Comes with deluxe accessory kit with tournament Aramith balls


GABRIELS "Signature" Snooker Table 12' - Made in Belgium. This just might be the only Gabriels Snooker tables in North America. This table came from a house of a local snooker pro and in excellent condition. I sold this table to him few years ago when i purchased it directly from Gabriels in Las Vegas BCA show. Tables come with "Diamond" rail finish. I will help arrange delivery to US and Canada through a shipping company I've been working with for years.

TABLE PRICE $5000 including new 6811 Gold cloth and brand new set of accessories and Aramith balls. Sorry about bad picture, taken from Gabriels catalog, since i didn't take a picture when taking table apart.