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I have decided to sell my pride and joy cue. It just sits in the closet and does not get used at all. I had it refinished by Chris several months ago and I don't think I have played 2 games with it since then. It plays as good as it looks. I am asking $2450 OBO shipped for it. Comes with 2 shafts and matching joint protectors. Butt is straight, shafts have very small taper roll. All white is the good stuff. The wood is Amboyna Burl and looks great as you can see in the photos. The specs are:

Butt 15 3/4 oz has a weight bolt in it
Shaft 1 3 5/8 oz 12.9 mm
Shaft 2 3 3/8 oz 12.9 mm
Radial pin



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Always happy to see Amboyna with woods that enhance its beauty. I don't think it goes with ebony at all. Lovely cue GLWS


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1) What's the balance point?
2) What's the diameter at the end of the butt?