Best Tables for being moved, replaced and leveled easily


Hey guys. Im looking for some help making a decision on what tables our club should get. Here’s the situation:

I am currently working with the officers of our local fire departments social hall in a search for replacing their current pool tables.

There are currently 2 8’ Great American coin-op(disassembled) tables being used in the space. However, they are pretty old, I’d guess 15-20 yrs and get moved frequently because the room is also used to host entertainment a couple nights per month.

The tables get lifted and dropped back into place w a traditional table lift and over the years it just seems the tables are taking a beating, almost impossible to get level.

So my question is, what tables are best suited for a frequent move, that can quickly and accurately be replaced and play at a high level?

I know it may sound like a lot because tables aren’t meant to be moved but it’s all we have to work with and we’re very fortunate that they are seriously entertaining this big investment to keep all the pool teams happy, as there are probably 7-8 teams that call the place home throughout the week.

Appreciate your input!
Hey Brother.
First off, I’m a west coast retired B/C. Unfortunately we had only one table and 40 some stations.
As for easy to move and level; I saw some ad a while back that showed the table had 4 small wheel-like levelers so anyone could level a table easily. I’m sure different shifts will set up another shit by intentionally adjusting the table slightly so they can beat the other shift until they catch on. Not really, but when I was a fire fighter that is the type of prank we’d play on each other.
As for easy to move, I can’t suggest anything there. I hope you find a good table that is a breeze to move so your tables will last a long time.
So, which part of the country is your department. Be safe and enjoy a great career Brother.