BHQ Bumperless frican blackwood and tulipwood

jersey jer

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BHQ Bumperless african blackwood and tulipwood indian head nickel cue.

Jersey Jer needs your help.

I hate to put this up for sale but i need some cash fast and in a bad way.
my wifes been out with a partial knee replacement for which i missed a lot of work too. disability $ is a bit light. i've been scraping by since march from that and about to fall behind. out of the 6 or 7 cues i own i have 2 already that are "my never get rid of em cues" so this ones 1st to go on the block. (brent when im back to where i should be i'll be ordering that butterfly :) )

its only has about 3 hours of play on it. the tip changed to a kamuii med.
the cue feels looks and plays fantastic. Brent Hartman of BHQ does incredible work.

500.00 can have it. if your nyc nj philly area i will deliver it personally.


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jersey jer

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Wow the coin is really cool!

It's a great accent. The woods in the cue are nothing short of awesome. The grain in the blackwood can't really be seen in pics nut looks great, and the tulipwood is blazing. So much more vibrant in person.

I'll consider offers.


we'll miss you
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jer, sorry youre having some bad luck
i'm trying to reach the guy that was about 5 minutes behind you when you snatched it up
sent him an email , i'll let you know if i hear something from him
kinda late now though, maybe in the morning

jersey jer

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Good news, glad someone helped you out after you helped Brent ... good karma here.

paypal on this one already promptly recieved (thank God)

thanks Dave :) When that went down Brent didn't even have to send the cue. And now that i've experienced it im heartbroken to let it go. when im back in shape there's going to be another bhq in my future.

i am just hoping some of that karma carries over to these two cue sales also.

check em out make offers.
the PH Espiritu is on my top ten of the best playing cues ive ever even touched. the ebony and maple Famiglietti plays with a softer feel and just isnt my cup of tea. be perfect for those who like the aftermarket LD shafts (it hits like any cue ive ever used with a predator or ob)

cmon people its the seventh and i need to cover the mortgage. i assure these are fantastic cues and well worth more than i am putting em up for.