Biggest spot you gave or received.......


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I won , I did accidently leave that out, It was close though
He played good in the beginning and got on 4 and I luckily ran
him down.

Break, BIH...and you spotted him four games to five! I know he didn't play a second set without a wild ball, too. :smile:



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I was torturing this weekly event and the dude 'in charge'- he knew 0 about pool, oddly enough:rolleyes: decided I would have to give up a spot to the event if I wanted to keep playing.

I'm a $k+ winner so wtf, right? I have to give the field the 3 thru 8 and the breaks.

Didn't win a set for 3 wks and only 1 or 2 games went past the breakshot.

Mt. Cheverest

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Most taken I think is the Five out or something around that, maybe 5 7 and the break is more....won and lost at those games.
Most I've given I believe is the 7 out.

Steve Logan

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Not biggest spot ever given but I use to run a room and would give some locals the 2 ball and the last three, I get the break.
We played on the same table where I knew how to make a ball on the break 99% of the time. They rarely won on the 2.


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I am a fairly new player, especially to straight pool. I got to play the best player I know in my hometown (Andy Toth) and he gave me a 100 in a race to 150. I lost 150-19. We just played for $ time so it was a great cheap lesson for me on this game and just a reality check on how much fine tuning my cue ball control needs! I welcome the opportunity to lose $10 again and get so much knowledge in return.

The best part was after I lost he spent an hour with me running me through a few racks and his shot selections. I look very much forward to the next time I get to play him regardless of if I win or lose. Maybe next time I won't be SO nervous...


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Steve Cook gave me 50 going to 100 in 14.1 for $100. I broke...left a dead ball...Steve ran 100.:mad: Johnnyt


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I used to give a 100 point spot at snooker fairly often (table only used 14 reds so 139 possible). Won as often as not.

Probably the 8 and the break at 9 ball. Never liked giving much in a game that already has so much luck involved.


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most weight

I played a guy eightball, $40 a game. I had to close my eyes and turn my head when I shot, if i looked, he got ball in hand, beat him out of $240. :thumbup:

hitman jones

Its great

My son and i was in a pool room here in il and he was wanting to play one of are friends on the 9 ft table race to 7 my buddy did not want to play my son because he said he didnt want to get beat by a 7yr old so i said if some one wanted to try giving him the 6 out he would play for 40 a set so i finally got the best shooter in there to say he would, my son beat him 7 to 3 then he lost the next set hill hill but everybody was shocked i loved it .


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Biggest spot I ever saw in 9-ball was "a good hit". Needless to say, the guy giving up the spot won. I would tell you his name, but then he'd have to kill me.