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  • Haven't seen you on the forums in awhile Johnny. Hope you're doing well. I miss your posts! Take care Johnny.
    You are the birthday boy today. Johnny, I hope you enjoy today to the fullest.

    Oh, man, Johnnyt, today is a great birthday to celebrate. I hope the coming years are kind to you. May all your balls fall in the hole. I enjoy your posts a lot. You're quite a talented writer. Keep posting, my friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of AzBilliards' finest!
    I hope you have a nice holiday season, I'm out sending my eletronic Christmas Card's* to my old & new friends(some people I really dont even know-yet) on AZB, Happy Holidays!!!! I am in the Christmas spearit this year!!


    *This is your card :D
    I'm going to be in the Tampa area the week between Christmas and New years. Was wondering if you would like to meet and play a few games. Perhaps at Strokers or Fatso's? Send me a a PM if you are interested. OBTW I'm a sl5 APA and not looking to gamble, just a couple friendly games.
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