Bill Schick Unchalked/New Titlist


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This cue is about as nice of a Titlist as you'll find. Vibrant colors, tight solid veneers. Unchalked Bill Schick Titlist dated 7-7-11 in the ivory Hoppe ring. Bronze or Brass 3/8 10 big pin, Flat faced solid ivory joint. Dark brown phenolic trim collars and butt cap. The trim rings are unique. They are alternating ivory and maple dashes trimmed with black phenolic between the dashes and a thin black phenolic ring above and below the dashes. The wrap is soft brown leather, that I believe is Spanish Bull. The butt of the cue can be configured with or without the bumper. I provided pictures of the butt with and without it. The butt of the cue weighs 15.7 ounces (16 with bumper/screw) Cue comes with (2) 3.7 ounce shafts with ivory ferrules, red pads and WB tips. Shafts are 13.05mm and 13.15mm.

SOLD shipped and insured
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