Bottle Pool

randy maha

I've played a game called bottle pool since forever. Grandpas rules etc. it goes like this. object ball on foot spot another on the center diamond on the foot rail and the pill bottle(plastic) on the center spot upside down
scoring as follows...
ball pocketed= 1 pt
both balls contacted by cue ball=2pts
bottle toppeled by cue after object ball contacted=5 pts
so in one shot you could drop both, touch both, and knock the bottle for 9 pts.
must end on 21 pts exactly. generally we break up the 8 ball practice session with a few games of bottle pool. when we return to 8 ball the strategies from bottle pool cross over and help expose possible shots.My??? is are there any official rules on this game???:cool:


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Bottle Pool or 31 Scratch

I've played bottle pool for years but under different rules. It was always played on a snooker table and for money. You can have as many players as you want. A cherry is spotted on the 6 spot(foot spot) then the bottle in the center(5 spot) then a numbered ball on the 4 spot. Cue ball in hand in the D. This makes it easy to remember where to spot the balls after they are made. You score one point for making a ball. Two for knocking over the bottle. Three for a carom. Quarter a hickey $1 a cue. If you go over 31 that person owed double. Great game!! Cha ching!!
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