@Brand new ebony on ebony Southwest Cue + Searing the best package deal of the year!!


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The cue has been spoken for, thanks !!

Hi all

I guess you don't see this often, you are looking at the best deal of the year!! brand new ebony on ebony SW plus a Searing cue both are the hottest in the market today, I am putting up both as a package to accelerate the sale, I don't have to mention how hard to come across a searing this is a conversion with ivory ferrule and ringwork, as for the ebony on ebony SW you might be aware that Laurie is not taking any order for ebony at this time, and this one is brand new unchalked being putting away safe in my collection since it's newly born from SW shop.

The spec for both cues are as below

Eb on Eb SW

butt:16.6 oz
shaft 1 3.8 oz 13.3MM
shaft 2 3.8 oz 13.3MM


Butt :15.54 oz
Shaft 1 3.6 oz 12.82mm (being played, 1 cm shorter than the new shaft)
Shaft 2 3.7 oz 13mm (test hit only)

Again I am selling two cues altogether, the Searing belong to a friend of mine in order to help him out I throw a piece of my collection to sweeten the deal, the price is $$$$ cash plus freight no trade please, I take wire transfer only no paypal, again no trade cash only thanks for the understanding.

Any question please send your email to mistercues@gmail.com, if you wish to talk in person I am reachable at 00886-918563870 , thanks a lot!!



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It's been a while Matty, I see you're still keeping all the good stuff!

just try to help my friend out, I am cool to keep the SW though, hey BTW stay tuned on bftq you're going to love a super fancy rusty melton case that I am about to post