Brand new Tascarella Shaft fs


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I have a new Pete Tascarella shaft for sale. Full sized, standard length. Excellent hit and the good materials for the ferrule and tip. :grin:
It has the thick silver ring and fits his 5/16 steel joint. Also fits Showman piloted steel joint. Made for Showman as part of a refinish and I have too many shafts now.
SALE Pending!
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Jack Potter buys cue for cash

i thought i was posting a new thread
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My Schon Tribute with the ivory joint

Says it is not only the perfect looking cue
he thinks it is the best hitting cue he ever hit

Now Jack made THE LIBRA CUES
He bought the last cue Balabushka made ,the last Gus

He learned pool from Billy Stroud
so he knows cues

And what you might not know is Jack is tight as a drum
for the last 25 years he has borrowed cues from me

plays 1 per week and gets another one

Now he is sending me $2000

Says he doesn't want to chance me selling it out from under him


I had 2 of these ,a fella on AZ asked if the Ivory played better

I said"I dunno"
He passed on buying

Two days ago ,I started hitting my Ivory joint custom Evan Clark
and guess what?

I ran 4 racks of straight pool,I won 2 sets of one pocket
I moved the cue ball backwards,I pocketed balls, i hit delicate cut shots with inside english

My previous offer to sell foe $2000 is off the market,cancelled,Capoot,

ixnay,you guys waited to long


Why,because I love it?

Yes sir,yesterday it was only $2000 but it is going up

That is what happens when you find something special like this

Remember how you wish you had
jumped on that perfect cue,but didn't

Remember how that know it all brother in law of yours bought the perfect cue

and how he is not shy about reminding you every time you see him?Wouldn't you feel better if you just bit the bullet and called Deano

214 477 7323

Remember when Paul Newman walked into Ames with that Case and Cue
your heart went boom,just the thought of it being you brought life into
you ,your life was never the same

Just imagine what the real deal will do
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