Breaking with a Zan Grip Hard Tip


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Any one breaking with or tried breaking with a Zan Grip Hard tip?

I just put a Zan Grip Hard on my playing cue and really like it. Decided to try and break with it and the results were pretty good. Although,I am not a good breaker by any stretch of the imagination.

Would appreciate thoughts from any one that is breaking with it, or has tried breaking with it.



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Probably u have more accurate hit with playing cue. That will give u a lot better results right away. I really shoot better breaks with my Z2 with Elkmaster due more accurate hit..


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One of my shafts has a Zan Grip Hard tip which I also like a lot. Occasionally, I break with it. I prefer my break cue that has a Talisman Extra Hard tip, but I never measured break speeds to see if it really makes a difference. I don’t see a reason not to break with the ZGH. I doubt that it will mushroom.


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Zan has an even harder tip now called the " BOOST" Haven't tried it but I figured I'd let you guys know and share the information.