Brent Summers Custom Cues


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I bought a cue off of Brent this past weekend, it is a Cocobolo forearm BEM handle and Ebony butt sleeve
Merry Widow and retied my former main playing cue of 2 years a Hills custom cue with in just a few hours of using my new Brent Summers cue! The cue does everything I want it to do and more, it is balanced perfectly! Moving the cue ball around the table is effortless, it has a firm hit yet very responsive feedback! I have owned well over a hundred cues over my life time both production and custom and this cue is head and shoulders above all of them all of them!!! I had the pleaser of seeing all the cues he had with him and Brent's attention to detail is second to none and inventiveness is incredible! It is hard to belief he has only been making cues for only about a year and a half and does not use any CNC machinery, His work makes a lot of cue makers that have been making cues for years look like armatures! If you are in the market for a new custom cue Brent Summers should be your first and only choice. Not too mention he has a great personality and THE nice's cue maker I have ever meet!

Thank you for reading my review, Brent deserves all the accolades in the world and I hope that you will contact Mr. Summers about your next custom cue needs you will not regret it.

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Hey Brian, thanks for the nice review. Will have your extra shaft all finished up for you soon! Happy New Year!