Brunswick Gold Crown V restore


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Brunswick Gold Crown V restore

I purchased this GCV from a pool hall. They had purchased it new in 2010.

After I got it home I stripped down all of the skirts, leg supports, and all of the panels
After the minor repairs were done to the panels everything was primed and 3 coats of Epoxy enamel were applied using a 4mm nap roller which gives a really nice finish.
Spraying is not an option for me as I work from home in my garage.

After I was happy with the painting I moved on to the alloy trim. These GCV’s have really nice trim work on the rails, skirts, and return panel gully.
The rail trims were simply screwed on which was nice, and you had to look closely but they were actually anodised.
So I made up a dipping pipe, filled it with water and added ‘Drain cleaner’ to the mix which stripped off the anodizing in about 30 seconds to a minute.

All of the rail trims were quite badly scratched after being in a pool hall for 10 years so I sanded them down starting with 240, 400, 800, 1500, 2000 grit orbital disc sand paper.
After the 2000 grit sand down when you buff them they polish up like a treat.
Polishing is the filthiest dirtiest job there is as you just get filthy from the polishing.

Before I stripped off the skirts I took them down to the local sign writers and got them to replicate the “Brunswick tournament edition” logos.
These were applied dried with no soap and water. They turned out like a treat.

The slate was in near mint condition as it had never been relocated in 10 years.

Even though it’s a Tournament edition I replaced the K55 cushions with Diamond black rubbers and ¼ inch cushion facings giving me a nice pocket opening.

When bolting the frame to the leg supports I power coated the bracket in a silver vain as I have my own mini powder coating kit. I then used stainless steel bolts with nylon nuts. I just feel that tables should look good underneath as well

Cloth is Simonis 860 HR a really nice cloth. I don’t know why you would install a different brand or cheaper cloth.

I’m going to get the corner castings re chromed next year when I find a chrome plater I can trust to do a good job.
Over all I was pleased with how the table turned out.
I must admit the 5’s are a smart looking table.
Thanks for viewing.


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Awesome job! At first I’m thinking why would a GC V need a restore? They would seem to me too new for a restore, but yeah ten years in a commercial setting can be tough on a table. Good choice going with black Diamond cushions in my opinion.

Below is a link to a chrome shop that I like a lot.

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Gold Crown V restore

Gold Crown V restore


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More pic's

More pic's


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Still more

Still more


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And some more

And some more


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