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Finally got the BULLSEYE BILLIARD GAMES!!! time to evaluate

Very Nice Layout!!

First thing I would recommend is offering as an upgrade or an accessory when you order the game is to get, like the aramith ball bag, a 'bullseye billiard carrying case', charge like, $20 extra for the bag and you can ship very easily and have space so the targets don't have to be folded or smashed up and can keep them flat, also you can have a spot for a training ball or measle ball for spin feedback, also one or two more ball spots for like the elephant balls, so you can see spin and marks from the chalk from the tip/cueball contact spot. This bag can have a clip that connects to your cuecase and replace the 'cueball' carrying case that you might already have on your case.

Overall the biggest improvement is the materials and quality of the targets!! Very nice choice of materials. UPDATE: If you don't put the targets back in the same way they came out and you just crumple them up and put them in one of the case pockets, when you take the targets back out, the material is wrinkled, but nowhere near like what you could not do with the TP targets.

Just so you know when I use the 'TP', I am comparing or corresponding the Old 'TARGET POOL' Game or Targets, versus the 'BULLSEYE BILLIARDS' Game or Targets.

The design of the book is nicely done and organized well for 'shot types' and spin types and specific breakdown or focus on shot or control types.

I don't really like the games that were included in the New 'BB' game, some of the games in the 'TP' system were a little more enjoyable as a 'solitary' version or even 'group or team' competition.

I have sent some reccomendations to Jeremiah on some different games and tournament structures that can be incorporated with the 'BB' game.

I just played last night with 3 other players and we played 'BULLSEYE BILLIARD GOLF', which is a game we came up with to challenge each other and compete at the same time learning different shots from other players that maybe the others don't use or practice. If you imagine a game of Golf, with each hole different, with BB-Golf, the same idea, each person shoots the same shot, records a score and then the next person shoots the same shot until everyone in the group has completed that hole, you can do one shot on each shot or three shots in a row with each person shooting 3 times at each shot or hole and then the next person shoots 3 times until everyone in the group has shot 3 times and recorded 3 scores, or you can rotate the shot with each person shooting one time on the shot an recording the score and then rotate 3 times on the same shot but each time you only have 1 shot a the shot and then the next person shoots it, so you have some time in-between your shot, o you don't build into the shot you have to adjust and have muscle and shot memory until you are up next on that shot and then each person scores 3 scores for each shot in rotation of players.

Then after hole #1 is done, the Player #2 is able to set-up and choose the next shot and he is the first one to shoot that shot. Then the rotation continues with all the players shooting Player #2's shot until each has scored 3 scores.

Then you move onto hole #3 and Player # 3 sets that shot up and you continue until you complete, half a side like in golf which would be 9 holes, or you play a full round which like golf is 18 holes.

At the end you add up your total scores and the winner of course is the one with the highest number.


I have a couple other games we came up with and I have some Handicap systems that we already put in place for the weaker players so everyone has a chance to compete.

I think a lot of skill-building in the Great Game of Pool or Pocket Billiards can be accomplished with this Great New Training and CueBall Control GAME. At the same time possibly coming up with some new games that are different and get people to time other games and challenge each other and hopefully build some NEW PLAYERS, since this is a game that is great for the NEW and Begginer at the same time can challenge even the STRONGEST and MOST POWERFUL PROFESSONAL!!!!!

GREAT JOB, Jeremiah

I will be posting some other versions and info on this game as we are having the kids at the Boys ad Girls Club, Play at the same time feedback from Pool Halls in this area that I am finding others interested in trying out and playing this Training Game.

Take Care

KEEP ON STROKIN', Be like BUDDY HALL in the 1980's-Late 1990's, in my opinion one of the best controllers of the CueBall or the 'Rock'. We can only hope to be like 'Mike', LOL, I mean 'The RIFLEMAN, Buddy Hall'.:thumbup:


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I like the golf idea a lot. Here's some variations I think may make it more interesting

The difficulty of the shot could determine "Par" for the hole.

Variation 1: You set up the shot and shoot until you get anywhere on the target at all. You count the strokes it takes. If you miss you just re-try the shot.

Variation 2: You set up the shot and keep re-shooting it until you get on the target. If you land on the black center you have sunk the ball and you are done. If you landed outside the black center you are on the green and have to "putt"

Putting: Simply try to softly hit the cueball to land on the black center. This will teach a very soft touch. If you miss you have to shoot where the ball lands even if it's off the green.

No scores over 3 over par per hole allowed... Normal golf scoring here with lowest score winning.

Par suggestions:
Direct shot onto target no rails required: Par 2
Direct shot onto target no rails allowed, minimum 4 or more diamonds distance: Par 3
Direct shot onto target 1 rail: Par 3
Direct shot onto target 2 rails: Par 4
Direct shot onto target 3+ rails: Par 5

Pocket a ball then follow/stun/draw onto target 0 or 1 rail: par 3
Pocket a ball then follow/stun/draw onto target 2 rails: par 4
Pocket a ball then follow/stun/draw onto target 3+ rails: par 5

Any shot with or without pocketing a ball requiring heavy english and 1 rail onto target: par 4
Any shot with or without pocketing a ball requiring heavy english and 2 rails onto target: par 5

Other things can be tried to increase the difficulty like shooting over a ball, shooting off the rail, or shooting with the bridge.

All pocketed shots should be relatively easy shots especially for new players. However more experienced players could use longer and more difficult shots.

Missing the shot, or a scratch is considered an OB and the player would get a penalty stroke.
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More Game Options for 'BB-GOLF'


The Game itself has the 'entertainment' side covered.

Of course, Competition-Handicapping-EVENing the Playing Field gets the large playing numbers with many different levels of Proficiency and SkillSets to enjoying playing against one another at the same time, even the most beginning player can teach or learn something to another player if they have practiced a shot to a level of 'PROFICIENCY'.

Here is how we have HANDICAPPED the BB-GOLF GAME

---Each HOLE or ROUND consists of 3 shots that are scored (1, 3 or 5 points) depending on where you end up on the target.

--With each shot, whatever Shot is set-up, if the player misses the shot they start with a (-5 points), this shows the most important part of any shot in the game of Pocket Billiard is, 'YOU MUST MAKE THE SHOT'. So, even if you ended up on the 'BULLSEYE' but you missed the shot, you would end up with a net for that shot of -------Z E R O------ points.


Each player has a 'SLOPE or HANDICAP RATING',

---If a player is a decent amount better than the other player, then instead of getting '3' shots and having to use every shot on your total points, the LOWER level player gets '4' shots on each Hole, but they get to score or keep the '3' highest scores, in other words they get to throw out the one poor score.

--If a player is even lower skill level then you could start with '5' shots and they keep the top '3' shots.

--And the numbers could go up to '10' if you wanted to, this would be like a professional playing a '8 ball APA player who is a '#3' ranking.

OF COURSE WE ARE WORKING ON THE TRANSFER NUMBERS, THIS WILL BE UPDATED OVER TIME, you can have a conversion rating for, APA, NAPL, BCA, GPPA and whatever other leagues that are out there.

Also, having a pre- shot or challenge shots that have been worked on that really give a 'TRUE ASSESMENT' of a pool players 'SKILLS' or 'CUEBALL CONTROL'.

This is just one HANDICAP SYSTEM that us at the 'POOLHALL' have played and like so far, so none of this is written in stone but it gives a system that others can follow and enjoy shooting with lower level players at the same time having lower level players wanting to play, not only to learn the shots from higher level players but also be competitive so if the lower level player has been practicing, they can put a thumping every once in a while when they are playing, especially if that LOWER level player has been practicing 'SPECIFIC' shots and has become 'proficient' at a certain shot, which is what the players should be 'striving for' when it comes to 'accurate CueBall CONTROL'

Will be posting more as we go along and LEARN, also we are planning on doing a 'BB-GOLF TOURNAMENT' in January, so we might 'RECORD and POST ON you tube and on AZBilliards' for people to see and show what it looks like, instead of just a lot of words.

If you have any other questions or input, please feel free to contact me at


or PM me.

I am located in LARGO, FLORIDA and play at a couple of clubs and with the US Veterans and also at about 14 Pool Halls in the Area, so if you are in the ST. PETE/Largo/CLEARWATER/TARPON SPRINGS/TAMPA areas of within 20 miles of this area,



Mike 'acedonkeyace' Kennedy



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Hey Mike. Not sure if we have met before. I used to own The Corner Pocket on Starkey Road in Largo (2005-2006).
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When It was KEG'NKUE??

I was playing but was very sick for almost 5 years from 2006 to 2012, Before that I was playing at a few of the pool halls, but was collecting cues and teaching at the Boys and Girls Club and US Veterans Hospital Recreation Department.

I don't think I know u by name but I am sure by face.

I have been dealing with Stephanie and her Mom over the last 2 years with a League that we are trying to get built up and some other Tournaments and I also have a ProShop and a 'MOBILE' repair and Proshop that I was setting up at the NOW Corner Pocket, we were also doing a 1st Saturday of each month, CUE SWAP MEET.

Are u back in the area of Florida or still in another state?

I would be interested in talking with you a bit if you have some free time, I have always wanted to have a 'RECREATION---RESTAURANT CENTER, that would focus around a POOLHALL, POKER ROOM and LOTTERY MACHINES and POKER MACHINES' and of course I would have the BIGGEST most ELABORATE and HISTORICALLY Relevent BILLIARD PROSHOP and POOL CUE AND MEMORABILIA COLLECTION IN THE 'CENTER'.

Without all of this stuff going on at the same time, I just don't see enough 'REVENUE--CASH FLOW" if you are doing only ''POOL and POOL Related'

Love to get you input since you have been there done that and now are out of it but know what it would or wouldn't take to get your interest again?!

Did you know, ROCCO from New York, or Dennis 'Red Haired' who shot with a HUEBLER CUSTOM SHOP #3 cue? Or Randy Franklin?

I am sure we know hundreds of pool players in this and other areas?

Get back with me

my email is


Or Phone# 727 2779853 mike kennedy