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An email goes out to users before their membership expires. I wonder if yours got caught up in a spam filter somewhere?

No worries it may have gone into spam folder. But I only use my cell phone and when I log onto AZ from my browser and click become gold member icon. It redirects me to paypal. Only problem is once I log into paypal there is no bill there for me to pay nor a email address anywhere on the screen where I can send the money.

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I think a quick search tab would be an excellent addition in that case with a noce drop down menu. If you open it it would have an alphabetized list of numerous key searches, I.E.
Adam -AE - Brunswick- Byrne - Etc... if you start scrolling through it something may pop out at you that catches your eye and you can go poke around and see what's for sale. maybe a couple categories as well, I.E. Antique - Rare - Low deflection - new - used - vintage. It would create a lot of traffic and people might spot something of interest they hadn't really thought about. maybe even display case and cue case with some common popular brands / makers. Quick easy and user frindly is sure to make a great site better!
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a week wait to be able to Bump makes sense. No bumping at all will make the effectiveness of selling in this forum decrease considerably, i think

Many potential buyers only check the first few top pages, thats why the 48 hour Bump rule proved to be effective
I agree with you Marc. One week is reasonable.