BUTTERFLY EFFECT CHALLENGE - fullsplice cue for donation


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"A butterfly can flutter its wings over a flower in China and cause a hurricane in the Caribbean."

Hello Worldwide Billiards Community!
My name is Anton Bezkhutriy and I'm a member of Shuriken Custom Cues team.
Many of you are familiar with our fullsplice cues.
Ukraine is our Homeland, we are living and working here whole our lifes. But now we have faced a disaster whose name is RUSSIAN ARMY. I won't discuss here the situation, you are welcome to my personal Facebook page to check what heppens right now. It updates constantly: https://www.facebook.com/bzhtry/
All I will say is Ukraine and the rest of Human civilization will win with no doubts. The spirit of Spring 1945 is in the air because of huge support from Worldwide.

Anyway we are still helping Ukrainian army. Every repost, every like, every donation does matter and may save someone's life.

Here is a Paypal email for donations: bzhtry@gmail.com
Every donation from $100 will get a handmade fullsplice butterfly cue in Ukrainian flag colors when missile strikes are finished and we are get back to work.
Don't forget to check your email.

A butterfly can flutter its wings over a flower in China and cause a hurricane in the Caribbean.

#butterfly_effect_challenge #support_ukraine #stop_war



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Hello Friends!
It's just incredible amazing to feel such a support! THANK YOU is not enough, I'm just proud to live with you in the same Planet! Really.

Here I will write only donations from $100 for a Butterfly Effect cue model in return. But there are much more, and they are still coming while I write this post. Every dollar matters, thank you very much!
Please write your email in Paypal so I can message you when the time is come.

So from the first day we've got 16 donations + a thermal monocular from our AZB friends!

All money go to a UAV for our soldiers on the front line who I know personally. It costs $6000.

Looks like we can handle it. Please spread the information. Every like, every repost, every word to your friend matters.

By the way, the cue that you get will be with your custom parameters - length, weight, tip and butt diameters.

Conflict status you can find on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/bzhtry

Stay in touch!



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I vote we pin this post to the top. Soon as I add some more to my PayPal I'm sending it over, I was born in Lithuania, not too far from you.


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"A pool player can break a rack in Las Vegas and cause a dissolution of russia" - Butterfly effect challenge to support Ukrainian army.

Hello Friends!

First of all great news - we've paid for the first UAV! And I can say collecting money was much easier than finding where to buy a UAV we need. We have ordered ours in Czech Republic, soon it will come to Ukraine.
IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO BUY A UAV PLEASE LET ME KNOW. It should be able to fly 80km or more and it should have a good camera on a board.

So for now it's 43 Butterfly Effect cues to make - the model for support Ukrainian army. Donation from $100 to this email: bzhtry@gmail.com makes you an owner of such a fullsplice cue with Ukrainian color butterflies. The processing will be started when explosings stop and we are able to work.

Very good result so far. Honestly I didn't expect such a level of support. Thank you very much for every donation. Lots of work on these 43 already, but we are able to handle 1000 cues (same model) for 3-4 month. Looks like it's the goal for this challenge. 1000 players of a millions Billiards fans around the Globe with the majority who'd like to support Ukraine in this fight and get fullsplice cue for a cheap. All we need is to spread the info as much as it possible.

1) Reddit. I know it's very powerful, but only if the post go viral. I've created a couple threads in different subreddits. Please show some activity if you can: https://www.reddit.com/r/pool/comments/tjo9de If you are a member, please make a post on: https://www.reddit.com/r/billiards/ because I can only read this subreddit.

2) Tournament. Jeff Callahan (https://www.facebook.com/JeffCallahan83) have suggested a super cool idea to arrange a tournament in his local Pool Hall. $125 entry, all players get a Butterfly Effect cue. If you are able to arrange a similar event, please do it. Here is the layout for a poster.

3) Probably it would be good to add some royalty to the challenge. Please welcome a Freedom Brotherhood pool cue model. A person who donates from $1000 will get this cue. It is available with any flag, except russian of course.

4) Paid advertising. It never worked good for me, but if there is a person who knows how to use it efficiently please let me know. Banners on AZB and other billiards places, FB, IG and other social media ads for a Billiards community.

I have a list with names and emails. When the time is come I'll send an email to you asking the desired parameters of your cue (weight, length, tip and butt diameters). That's how you know the process is started. So please don't forget to add your contact email to a donation. Or at least check your inbox on Paypal.

All money go to a UAV for our soldiers on the front line who I know personally. They defend Kharkov from russian nazi scum and they do it pretty well. Still our help is very important and it definitely will save lives of people we love.
Check my FB page for the conflict information: https://www.facebook.com/bzhtry/
There is an album "24.02.2022" which is constantly updated. Situation is cruel, but together we'll stand!


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1 month since ruSSian army sterted a full-scale attack on Ukraine. They have no honor, no empathy, no mercy. They attacking civil objects - schools, hospitals, kindergardens, our homes. They looting, raping and torturing civils on invaded areas. They using all types of weapons include claster bombs, phosphoric bombs and thermobaric bombs. 2 words - PURE EVIL. Thats why they won't win this war. Whole world finally see the real face of russia. We have to stop the agressor before the crysis grew into WW3 with nuclear weapons involved. Ukrainians fight for our common freedom! Ukrainians need your help!

That's why we (Shuriken cues) have launched a BUTTERFLY EFFECT CHALLENGE - Every donation from $100 will get a handmade fullsplice butterfly cue in Ukrainian flag colors when missile strikes are finished and we are able to work.

Here is a Paypal email for donations: bzhtry@gmail.com

All money go to a UAV and other equipment for our soldiers on the front line who I know personally.

Thank you for your support!