C J Wiley's adventures on the road stories - featuring Cornbread Red


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I remember that name. Haven’t heard it in years. The moment I read it in your post it put a huge smile on my face.

Good ole cornbread red. Too funny


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It’s an old story....National Billiard News did that one in the 70s.

But I like CJ’s setting....telling road stories in a vehicle.
...never mind the book...a series of stories actually on the road is perfect.


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Welcome back CJ … I for one have missed your regular contributions. :thumbup:
I agree. Welcome back.
CJ, your stories and information have always been welcomed here by me.
The more, the better.
Maybe you can help me locate something on YouTube. It is an old match between you and Mizerak and as well as I can recall, Dave Bollman and Buddy Hall are commentating.
There is one shot where you're shooting the 8 and you have to draw full table and back up again to get shape on the 9. (Mizerak is shaking his head like "what the hell kind of buzzsaw have I walked into here"). You had the long hair back then.
I can't find that thing on Youtube to save my life. I used to watch it a lot.
Do you know how to locate it?
Thanks, my man..