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  • Hello Sir,Noticed that you hadn't posted in awhile, and thought that I had sent you the following,,but maybe, I hadn't. There is a post where our friend Johnny Ross had passed away a few weeks ago. If your like me, We don't get the info, until it's already happened. If you didn't know, sorry for the bad news,,But , That One Will Be Missed,,,Regards
    Hello CJ,
    Would you do me a little favour, please?
    I posted in the Main Forum the thread:
    YOUR highest run outs or other records at Pool and in there is also the following Poll:
    Now if you take a look at the POLL RESULTS: There is *1 person who's pretending, that he seriously ran out 20 or more racks of 9-Ball . . . !?
    (*july9x / Black-Balled did vote the same, but only as joke!)

    The favour I'm asking for:
    Would you please post a short answer, what 20 racks in a row really means? Or at least Poll YOUR own highest number of 9-Ball racks you ever ran out?

    That would be really great from you. Many AZB-Members and of course myself would for sure appreciate it, if you could explain to those "Wannabe-Professionals" how hard it is (or even almost impossible) to run out 20 or more racks of 9-Ball in a row!

    Anyway you decide I already thank you very much!

    Best wishes from Switzerland to you and yours, Roberto
    We want you to be the really hero in the billiard,,just like (Lance Amstrong without doping).
    Get one best title.. PLEASE T_T and your name will be cool and awesome forever..
    Take back what your truly own..
    Life not always about money..just your dream in the past,you want to make billiard like golf.everyone know and like it...
    make your history to be reason to like billiard..
    Like Efren Reyes,,his history inspiring all people..
    PUSH yourself CJ..WE believe you can do it again..
    Show them your class,destroy the past nightmare..

    defeat Earl Strickland..not because I hate him,,,but to show that you can rise again..
    We know,the title CHAMPION is difficult for today.
    but We hope,you push yourself to accive the new title..
    Please,,I want to see your great life to continue,although the "1996" kill your achivement..
    please,,reach one title..
    God Bless You..
    Thanks Cj Ben on az for long time just joined thanks for all you do and your info and help you have helped me more then ever know keep it up some of us do listen and learn from you thanks Ray Arnold
    I made a New Years resolution not to argue about anything that could be googled, or I didn't really care about. This falls into both catagories.

    This may be true, however, pool is an exception in this particular area.

    How many pool players in the BCA Hall of Fame came from affluent families or grew up with a "silver spoon" (of silver pool cue in this case) I believe on the average you'll find that the income of this group is "middle class" at best....and maybe even the low end of that scale. There's nothing wrong with this, it's just an interesting fact.

    I'm not saying you have to be "middle class" or under to be mentally tough, however, it does encourage toughness in general when you don't have things easy.....this could also come from other things besides just financial examples.

    Hello Mr. Wiley,
    I've spent the past few days researching your career and videos, and I would like to say thank you for your contributions to the billiards universe.

    I plan on ordering your touch of inside video and I was wondering if using low deflection shafts make a difference with how your principles are applied in the video in regards to cue ball deflection. When you demonstrate in the video, are you using a low deflection shaft?

    Thanks again,
    Sure Timothy, I'll send you a DVD and maybe you can send me something from the "Special Forces" one of these days. Send me your address at this email for immediate shipping - thegameistheteacher@gmail.com

    Thanks, and I appreciate your service to this awesome country.

    Best Regards, and Play Well My Friend.....CJ Wiley

    Hello and good day to you . My name is Timothy O'Connor and I was reading a post of which pool instructor to recommend. And you offered a free DVD Ultimate Pool Secrets . I would like to get that DVD if possible . I would also like to ask you if you can send it APO/AE I am in Afghanistan with US Special Forces . CJ if that is possible please pm me so I can send you my mailing address. In closing I wish to thank you for your time and consideration in this matter and I will look forward to your response. Thank you .

    Very Respectfully,

    Timothy O'Connor
    CJ, my video still hasn't come. I ordered thru Amazon and the 1st vid arrived in no time. I still want it so let me know.
    Greg's phone # is (469) 235-6343. The other gentlemen I think you are referring to is Eric (EI custom cues) 361-537 6094.

    Have you ever been to a place called "Dee Browns" outside Chattanooga Tn? If so, I know you would remember this place.
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