Call shot call safe in 9 ball


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I was watching Efren vs Earl Battle of Legends
and they said the game was Call Shot Call Safe. I thought 10 ball was the call shot counterpart of 9 ball. And it sounded like if a guy missed a shot and didn't call safe, the incoming player could give the ball back if he didn't like what he saw. Am I missing something? If you call safe and sink a ball, what happens? I'm not really a call safety guy, if you want to stop shooting, just miss or call an impossible pocket.

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... Am I missing something? ...
Yes. People keep trying goofy games. It went as far as Earl saying the game would be better without side pockets, so someone (Diamond?) built a four-pocket table and Earl played a match. He lost to Appleton. I would point you at the video but it was removed from YouTube. Here is a recreation: