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Live streaming of 3 cushion from Lansing Michigan! Zinger and Curly of MI Billiards will be on the air Saturday afternoon, The First of May, live streaming Dennis Dieckman and friends of the USBA at Steve and Cindy Moon's Pocket's of Lansing. We will try to be on air from noon until 6 pm EST but as this is the first time doing this here they may be glitches. If so it will be re-broadcast later but try us on might be amused.


There is a GOOD POSSIBILITY that the USBA will be live streaming a carom show from Pockets in Lansing Michigan on Saturday 1 May from 3 pm to 9 pm. Nothing is for sure yet but I will keep you posted. :sorry:

This will not be a tournament event but rather more in the nature of a USBA infomercial/Jerry Lewis Telethon/Dean Martin Variety Show happening. El Jefe will be your host and the live stream will be courtesy of MI BILLIARDS [Zinger and Curly]. :grin-square:

Many mystery guest will be appearing to show you how certain shots might be shot plus all sorts of other extemporaneous madness may occur; only time will tell. I invite you all to tune in and have a good time with us. :eek:
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This from sde [MI_Billiards]

We will attempt to stream this Saturday 5-1-10. I'm still uncertain of the internet connection but we are going to try to start the DD show at about 1:00 PM EST.

If we have trouble with the internet the show will be recorded and rebroadcast at a later date.


The ONLY thing I'm certain of is you will NOT be seeing ME in a speedo!!


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Dennis hang up your phone!

I've been trying to call you since last night and all I get is the busy signal.



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The man with the Dieckman cues written on the back of his shirt is kinda distracting the players AND MY VIEW right now. Can someone tell him to take a seat? :wink: