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I built an absolutely hideous looking case out of a 4" PVC pipe I got from Home Depot. I'm convinced that thing could survive a nuclear explosion.
But in general I use a Sterling Superior case (3 cues) that I paid about 50 for brand new. For travel I built a hard case out of a couple of 8" concrete forms (also from Home Depot) that I pack the soft case in.
These seem to work out pretty well
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I'll quote Al' from SW cues when i asked him that same question in Las Vegas yrs ago.....

"get any case that seals at the top"

Its the ones that go pop when you open them. I like GTF and Thomas (that you can buy today)

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As for my pm asking you to consider letting me be in peace you can call it psychopathic but I call it being polite to point out that you are doing more harm than good to Mr Justis with your actions in my opinion.

Well, each person has their opinion. Since I don't want to get into a tit-for-tat I won't publish the times you threatened to harm me using your skills as a (self-proclaimed) professional boxer. I don't hide from anyone and I posted my name and phone number and website for anyone to reach me. Anyone who cares to talk to me can do so and then decide if they want to do business with me or not. If not then not. With 7 billion folks on the earth I suspect that there are enough who like me well enough to keep me busy building them cases for the rest of my life.

2)Unprovoked keyboard attacks and email,facebook messages etc.saying you would slice my throat like your mother would do are kinds words and thank you Barton.

Nothing is unprovoked Mr. Chamberlain. As a self-proclaimed fighter you should understand that offense provokes defense. I had no idea who you were until you showed up on AZB as a big buyer of Justis cases. You then decided to interject yourself into my buisness. Prior to you attacking me on this forum several times we had never spoken a word to each other on the internet. Ever. Now, as I said I do completely understand why you felt the need to attack me when I was comparing our cases to Mr. Justis' unfavorably in your eyes. You are protecting your huge investment. Any comments which could tarnish the image of Mr. Justis' work could bring the value of that investment down. I fully understand your position.

3)I am not hurting anything concerning Mr.Justis or his cases from any responses from you as he doesnt ever need to make another case as he is already rich and does it for the enjoyment just like you thinking you and him are now friends.OMG Jack is so funny and is laughing his ass off at you actually thinking that.

Ok. If you think that putting up links to the old arguments between Mr. Justis and myself do not have a detrimental effect and Mr. Justis is fine with them then I am all good with it as well.

I also did not say to you that Mr. Justis and I are friends. We were once but we are not now. What I said to you is that despite everything I like him. I said that we have made a sort of truce and I will not allow you to bait me into saying anything negative about him or his work. Feel free to post my PM to you so that you don't have to work to interpret what I said and make the mistake of getting it wrong.

4)Im done with you and your little cheap chinese slave labor company and unlike you dont have a need to stalk az members everyday all day and all night as a job so maybe you could take some casemaking lessons from your workers to learn how to make a pool cue case and actually say you can and have actually made a case yourself instead of being a little shop foreman.

Ah yes, my slave labor. So, if I understand you correctly, earlier in this thread you said that you WERE considering purchasing cases from me but that when you read the things at the link you posted you stopped cold.

The fact that my shop is in China and according to you uses slave labor did not bother you at all? Only that I was mean to Mr. Justis in our debates? Only that I talked "bad" to people who made it a mission to antagonize me? That is what stopped you from buying from me and not that you think I use slaves to build our cases?

Well Mr. Chamberlain, you and anyone else is free to come to my shop unannounced any day of the week. Show up in Jiao Mei, China, near Xiamen and call 13959298606 and within five minutes of your phone call you will be at my shop. Bring an interpreter and you can interview the "slaves" and find out what their degree of freedom is. I only ask that you allow me to film your visit so we can put to rest this ridiculous statement you keep making on AZB that I use slaves.

I assure you sir that by using this slur you are making light of the fact that actual slavery still exists in the world. If you cared at all about human life then you would focus your efforts on real slavery and seek to eradicate it. The people who work for me are employees who are free to come and go as they please.

5)I assure you Mr.Justis doesnt need any money,however Ill be sure to give him another $30,000 in a couple weeks.I do enjoy nice american made products and am a true proud American and will enjoy having more Justis cases made to sell,trade,donate,giveaway or whatever to give people a chance to own a case from the greatest casemaker in the world and one heck of a nice guy.

I never said he needs money. Mr. Justis works from home as he has pointed out several time. This is a retirement business for him. Mr. Justis retired from a successful career early, he was a renowned rod builder and invented a reel that became hugely popular although he didn't get any residuals from it.

I am happy for you that you enjoy his work so much that have decided to invest heavily in his cases. All artists should be lucky enough to get a patron like you a couple times in their life whether they need the money or not. The flip side of this in my eyes is that you have chosen to attack me over it. As I said I fully understand that you need to protect your investment. I accept that as long as we are in the same space I will have to deal with you. That's life I guess.

6)Good luck and god bless you Barton.If you post a reply to this or stay on your path of harassment I will be there to respond back.If you do not reply and get back to making nice looking cases instead of stalking then you will not hear from me and maybe all of us can get back to the important things instead of this little kid bullshit.

I will be waiting on your answer. Because I was not the one who decided to make quips and snide remarks sir. You instigated this earlier in the thread.

Not only do we make nice looking cases we put the best protection available for these type of cases inside of them.

7) sorry to the op as when the word case pops up in a thread Barton always seem to attack someone and is the only case or cuemaker to do this.I hope he changes his ways and everyone can get along and move forward but I dont see Barton changing his ways.That being said I am changing my ways right now unless the attack continues.

Once again Mr. Chamberlain I suggest you look very hard at your own actions. I had not even said a word in this thread until you spoke up and attacked me with your snide remarks. And no you didn't mention my name but everyone who has been here a while knows exactly who you are referring to. If you truly intend to change your ways then make your points without attacking me and we never have to converse again. Stick to the truth you can prove and we won't have to interact.
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I'll quote Al' from SW cues when i asked him that same question in Las Vegas yrs ago.....

"get any case that seals at the top"

Its the ones that go pop when you open them. I like GTF and Thomas (that you can buy today)

That is a very good point. With all my tube cases I try to build them with lids that are snug enough to provide a bit of a seal. For the GTF cases we make I covered the joint with padded fabric to make a nice seal when the lid is put on.


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I just bought an Instroke (Buffalo) 2x3. It's my second one. My first one, years ago, was an Instroke Cowboy. Lot's of room, strong, and uncommonly handsome.
They're also handy at a tournament where you can leave your cues screwed together. :smile:

I have a instroke 3x7. How do you tell a buffalo from a cowboy? Is instroke made in the U.S.?


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Here is our interiors:

Ultra Pad


Organic Rebound



Secure Tube







Corktop 4x8 - This interior features a "stopper" to seal the case.



And many more here:

I like the way your lids are made better than the instroke I have. I have noticed the leather hindge on mine is starting to tear. I also have to get my zipper fixed where the thread has come loose, its three years old and I'm a bit rough with it.

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Ok everyone I will say it jb cases makes a nice looking case that has trademarked the word protection as a great sales tactic.

Thank you. What we actually build is a very protective cue case. How nice they look is up to the buyer. Everyone has different tastes and we try to build what they customer wants.

When I work with large distributors I put our interiors into their production cases so that even people who don't want to spend $500 can still benefit from the extra protection we make for as little as $50.

I would personally be very happy to see all case makers copying our interiors to the point where we don't even need to talk about it anymore.

Now as for John Barton himself well whatever you think if you buy a case from him or not it certainly doesn't change my life and I actually encourage everyone to do so as long as your ok with supporting a person like him.

What sort of person would that be? I am a married man with a gorgeous wife and a lovely daughter and another child on the way. I believe in equality for all and fair treatment and truth in advertising. I do not pander to people in order to get their business. I do not switch my beliefs to get orders. I do not allow bullies to go unchallenged. If you act like a bully then you can expect to get challenged.

I was even gonna buy some cases from his company years ago until I learned about Barton himself and realized risk vs.reward was not there at all.i will always encourage any of my friends,clients and others to always buy what they want but if they want to know more about the company I will tell them.

You were? Wow, you NEVER even contacted me to talk to me. So you are saying that basically you have based your entire opinion of me on other people's words? All the people, including some major collectors, who have spoken well of me on this forum didn't factor into your decision? You are so fair-minded that you couldn't even have a conversation with me to discuss your case needs? Please forgive me if I say that I don't believe you Mr. Chamberlain. I think that you are making this story up to further your position.

And what do you know about my company? Nothing. But you don't tell people that you know nothing do you? Well as they say all promotion is good promotion.

Anyone who wants to know more about me can start here or contact me here - my shop door is always open to anyone except my competitors. They need an appointment so we can hide the secret jigs :)
Now a few questions and statements for Barton-Wong.
I never said I was a professional boxer/fighter however I do have a winning record and after a heart attack and 2 heart surgerys I gave up fighting but anytime/anyplace you can try your skills or luck against me.

I would prefer not to have any physical interaction with you no matter what your professional level is or is not. Just making it perfectly clear that you threatened me with harm Mr. Chamberlain. You are more than welcome to post any correspondence between us if you are having a hard time remembering the sequence of the conversations between us.

As far as slaves that is a word of the 1700s/1800s.i do believe the word slave labor that myself and others have used is formatted to mean the pay rate for workers so how about you list all your workers and how much they get paid from your company and pay stubs even in Chinese would be ok as it can get translated.I can do it very easily but to let you know I have a policy that no one that works for me makes less than $20.00 an hour.

Actually it goes farther back than that. A slave is someone who is forced to work against their will and not free to go. You are perverting that by making it about how much a person is paid. This is a much different issue.

I pay my employees more than the average wages for the jobs that they do. I do this so as to attract the best people I can since there is a lot of competition for skilled labor in China. In addition I also share profits by paying bonuses when there is profit to share.

I very much doubt that you paid your retail employees $20 an hour when you had your billiard retail business Mr. Chamberlain. But since you said you did and you feel that telling us this makes you more credible in some way feel free to provide your business records and back up your statement.

Next could you Please tell us about some of your statements a few years ago at the cue makers assn banquet/Richard Blacks h.o.f. Induction.You had a few drinks but you know the statements as it involved Chinese girls.i know of a couple of collectors and a couple cue makers that heard your perverted pedophile statements

I am sorry but I have no idea what you are talking about. In fact I don't even remember being at Richard's inauguration. The last one I can remember attending was Leonard Bludworth's in Valley Forge. But regardless I am positive that I made no sexual comments about Chinese girls or children in any capacity whatsoever. You however did make such comments as is detailed in our only conversation on Facebook.

But to be clear, are you calling me a pedophile? I just want to know if you are calling me a pedophile on a public forum? I understand that you are saying that I made statements you consider to be what a pedophile would say but I would like to be sure as to whether you are accusing me of being a pedophile or not.

Edit: I am so disturbed by your comments I felt I needed to go back and look. I wasn't even at the Super Billiard Expo in 2009 when Richard Black was inducted into the Hall of Fame. My wife had just had a baby two weeks earlier. Your comments have been reported to the moderators Mr. Chamberlain as they have gone too far in my opinion.

Once again buy any case or cue any of you want and I encourage to just investigate where your money goes and who you support.Like I said Jb cases builds a nicely built and good looking case for the money if that's what you want.

I see. So to be clear you are telling people that I am mean-spirited, slave-driving pedophile who heads a shop that turns out nicely built and good looking cases?

The case preferred and used by more World Champions and Collectors than all others combined.

This is not a factual statement Mr. Chamberlain. Cases which are given away to professional players cannot be said to be preferred by those players per se. You need more evidence than that. Back in the day I gave away cases to a long list of professional players, to include many world champions. The difference is that I did not use any of their names in advertising unless I had an agreement with them to pay them MORE than simply the one case I chose to give them.

Being the fair employer that you claim to be you should understand that. The players whose names we used were given thousands of dollars worth of products and in a few deals were given money for their endorsements. Unfortunately as you well know players today are generally so broke that they will allow people to give them as little as one case in trade for the use of their name. I don't work that way and never have.

And I am not sure that your claim about collectors is factual either. I can certainly understand that you would want it to true due to your heavy investment into Mr. Justis' cases. But from what I understand and have seen first hand collectors also like Whitten cases quite a lot. Lately I have seen that they are into Phil Eastwood/Quiverz cases. Rusty Melton and Marc Turcasso have quite long waiting lists for their work. Rex Goulet has a long list for his work. Most cuemakers who choose to deliver their cues in high end cases used to use Fellini but now choose Whitten. Some have decided to use GTF cases and Ron Thomas cases.

There are a lot of great case makers out there Mr. Chamberlain but I do understand that you have fixated on one and being that you re-sell Justis cases I can totally understand that you would want to make statements that make them seem as if they are better and stronger and more popular than all other cases. Mr. Justis builds a fine product. We disagree about what level of protection should be offered but otherwise I highly respect what he makes.

You have made a good investment and you are working hard to protect it.
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I just updated our testimonials page with 50 pages of testimonials from satisfied customs from this forum.

The testimonials are about JB Cases, GTF Cases, J.Flowers Cases, Sterling Cases and Wave Cases that we have either made or designed.

This excerpt in particular sums up what I am about.

Onto the inside. From what I understand, the interior was designed by John Barton of JB Cases, and he did a PHENOMENAL job. Both the cue butts and shafts fit snug, but don't need to be forced down into the case. They simply slide in, and with a light push with one finger, they find their home. They are completely protected from movement, and the soft padding almost forms to the shape of the cue. The first test I put it to was this: I put one shaft in the case, nothing else. I turned the case upside down, and the shaft didn't move. That is evidence of how well the interior supports the cues. Then I put all of my cues in, three butts and five shafts, and not one of them was difficult to get in or out. And again, they didn't fall out when I turned the case upside down. Incredible.

This case truly is a fantastic piece of equipment. I very highly recommend it to any and all seeking an appealing case that will protect their investments to the fullest extent. One of the best parts about this case, though, is the price point. It is extremely affordable. This 4x8 case was $150. The 2x5/3x4 goes for $135 I believe. At that price, you won't find a better deal.

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i didn't call you a pedofile.i said pedofile comments and when I heard this I didn't pay any attention just as I still don't pay any mind to you until your involvement concerning Mr.Justis and especially the unprovoked messages through Facebook.I will not tell of the people who told me and will find out more details to the exact point and tell you privately no in a kinda sick of having to reply to you as I realize I have only ever had a problem with 2 people on Azbilliards and the other person even wrote an apology thread to me for everyone to see unlike you have had many dozens pf problems with people so I dont feel bad for you but i do feel sorry for you that you are so consumed with drama.yes i was gonna buy a couple cases that had some colored flower designs for i believe around 1,200 each at a vegas show a few years back for gifts and was gonna forget about all the negative until my friend Doug Baltrip exposed you as Roadie and your comments toward Jack.I make it a pattern or habit to try to spend 75k a year on billiard collectables but you have and had enough customers to keep you busy and your rich enough anyways.So no Jelly for you.Good luck to you and congrats on the new baby as they are fun and I just got a granddaughter and will spend more time with her instead of endless arguments with you,not to worrie I will be nearby and you won't have any problem finding another person to argue with.Have a nice life.

If you don't want to reply to me then simply don't make any negative comments about me or my business that are not true.

Frankly I don't care if you spend millions on billiard equipment. As I told you I don't pander to get business. You were DEFINITELY not going to buy any such cases from me at any Vegas show as MY custom cases have not been to any Vegas show until last month and even then there were not any "some colored flower designs for i believe around 1,200 each" there. I have only made three cases with colored flowers and two of of them were made for customers and one was made for the SBE 2012.

So please Mr. Chamberlain, get your facts right. You want to denigrate me so badly that you are flat out fabricating things.

You report that I made comments about sex with children at an event that I wasn't even at, that you were considering my cases during a show that none of my cases were at, and that you decided not to because of a website that wasn't even created when you claim you were interested in my products.

That's quite a trick sir. Are you able to travel through time as well? The only one of us that has made vile comments about having sex with Chinese women in China on record is you. Would you prefer that these comments be posted here?

I would except that just the mere posting of them is a bannable offense. As is many of the comments you have made in this thread thus far. You may or may not have to answer for them but they won't be forgotten. As for an apology there will none forthcoming from me other than I am sorry I spoke meanly to you. I will not apologize for defending myself against your slander and fabrications. You want to attempt to assassinate my character with fabrications and claimed hearsay then don't be surprised when I call you out on that. You say you have had problems with two people here and I guess one of them would be me. The other I suppose would be World Champion John Schmidt who doubts that you actually made any of the high runs you claim to have made. I missed where he apologized to you could you kindly post a link so that we can verify at least one of your claims? (I would also like to add that I personally believe you are the primary reason that John Schmidt does not post on AZB any more - less of you and more of him would be fantastic for this site and pool in general)

And if you want to read about my "character" then you can right here,
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I built an absolutely hideous looking case out of a 4" PVC pipe I got from Home Depot. I'm convinced that thing could survive a nuclear explosion.
But in general I use a Sterling Superior case (3 cues) that I paid about 50 for brand new. For travel I built a hard case out of a couple of 8" concrete forms (also from Home Depot) that I pack the soft case in.
These seem to work out pretty well

In fact you can't get much stronger than a thick walled circle. In reality the strongest "tube" cases have always been the 1x2 New Image cases that were made with 2" PVC. They have since been copied by everyone but they were and still are the strongest plastic tube cases on the market.

So you are probably right that your 4" PVC case could withstand a quite a lot. And if the cues inside are padded and protected then that's all you can ask for.


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Does all the sterling cases have your interiors? If not how can I tell which one has it? I can't afford a JB case but would like to get something you designed


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The best protection is from a tube case with a soft lining. Fabric interiors alone just can't match the protection of individual tubes. I've got a fabric interior in a few cases and I like to put my shafts in tip up. I can actually feel when the shaft's end slides down the wrap area of the butt. While I've never had any damage this can't happen when there are separate tubes. Sure they're heavy, but they protect like a tank.

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I have a instroke 3x7. How do you tell a buffalo from a cowboy? Is instroke made in the U.S.?

Since no one else answered you I will.

The Buffalo is generally all brown and made of oil tan leather. Has a waxy and slightly oily feel to it. The Cowboy is made of nappa leather, about the same feeling as most leather car seats, a dry slightly slick feeling.

Instroke cases are made in Taiwan and the Czech Republic. Those in the USA are made in Taiwan.

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I like the way your lids are made better than the instroke I have. I have noticed the leather hindge on mine is starting to tear. I also have to get my zipper fixed where the thread has come loose, its three years old and I'm a bit rough with it.

Well, I certainly can't speak for Instroke now but I can tell you that the way I build cases now is based on the lessons I learned with Instroke.

When I first made the production Instroke cases I used thin leather and backed it with cardboard. I felt that I was building a very solid case and the construction was based on how I personally used the cases.

Later I found out that people could be a lot rougher. I will never forget the time I was at an event and I watched a guy drag his Instroke case from one side of the room across rough carpet to the other side. It would never occur to me to drag a cue case anywhere much less the 40 feet from one side of the room to the other side. And I especially would not do it to a case that had cost several hundred dollars.

So now I try to build the cases in such a way that almost nothing can break. Not 100% there yet but we do try to eliminate as many of the stress points as possible and strengthen the ones that are unavoidable.

We put an awful lot of extra hours into our cases, time that I can only afford to provide because I am living in a land where labor is cheaper. But as the cost of labor rises so does the price of the cases. At this point I can't force myself to do any less than what we do. My greatest fear when shipping out a case is when something breaks. Not only the cost to me but the inconvenience and disappointment for the customer is heartbreaking to me. So for that reason I am committed to doing whatever I possibly can to build cases that don't break.