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Using BobCad 20 and Mach 3 is great for designing and running inlay programs.
But its a bit time consuming to do someones name or initals into a cue just one time.
Anyone recommend a software program that is designed for quick and easy engraving projects?

Guerra Cues

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Aspire but costs 2K. If you run a pirate version you will be banned from their support forums. You have to authenticate your software with them first.
They have awesome tutorials and the learning curve is not very steep.


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For something simple like you suggest you might give Cut 2D a try (also from Vectric, the makers of Aspire). Has pretty much the same simple interface as Aspire, and they have a no time limit trial. Costs ~150 but for simple engravings and 2-D cuts I think it would be well worth it. Here's a link....

At least you'd know if it will work for you using the trial before committing to purchase.
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Vectric cut 2d or vcarve desktop. there is no need at all for aspire unless you want to do 3d . You can buy either for under $400