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Not a room owner. Having a room of my own is more of a pipe dream than a reality. I have no business experience and have opened this thread purely in the sport of discussion.

Theres’s a thread over on the main forum about pool rooms in downtown areas. A major consensus is that the sheer amount of square footage necessary to comfortably fit multiple tables pretty much makes the business model obsolete in todays market.

Table time, drinks, food. Thats what you read about over and over and over again as far as bringing money in. I’ve seen table time vary between $3.50-$22.00 /h with little discernible difference in what you’re paying for. As an average consumer, it might be confusing enough to be a complete turn off. You might feel low class trying to get in on the cheap or you might feel ripped off paying top dollar.

Where does the guy who wants to practice 6-8 hours a day even go? Let’s say it takes 5 years of consistent play (lmao) to get tournament ready. 5 days a week, 6-8 hours a day, 5 years... nobody can afford that. And the rooms can’t afford to care whether he can afford it or not.

This is just a reminder that i am NOBODY, with no knowledge on opening or running a pool room.

The “pool room” as we know it from when pocket billiards was used to pass the time while folks pooled money on horse races, doesnt seem to have progressed much further than that. You want to sell billiards? Better sell food and alcohol as well so you dont go under. Now you’re a goddamn kitchen and a bar for no reason and all you really care about is pool.

This brings me to my point. Is it at all reasonable to cohabit a space with another business ?

When i was young, my mother owned a quilting shop in a small town. It was run out of the old building supply building and had plenty of space. She rented maybe a quarter of the space to a similar business that dealt specifically in needle work and thread. It was mutually beneficial and made the cost of renting that enormous space viable.

I’ve just been thinking lately about businesses that already require a lot of square footage. Often times it seems folks end up with a space that is bigger than they need just so they can have a space that is big enough in the first place.

So, you wanna open a pool room. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a pool room / ____________ ?

Furniture dealerships, for instance, have a ton of space. That’s a terrible example because the average pool player isn’t going to spend much money on furniture very often, but you see what i’m driving at.

I apologize if i’ve stepped out of my lane, or undermined the grueling task of running a pool room. My only intention here is to spark a discussion amongst men more intelligent than i.


I'm not an owner either but your question is an interesting one. One idea that popped into my head would be a swap meet (flea market) location on weekends. You could have a pool room weekdays and weeknights and a swap meet Friday/Sat/Sun. This would require protecting the tables. I would imagine a plastic cover over each table followed by a plywood type top on each table and then another cover just to protect the tables. You would rent out the tables for people to sell crap. Outdoor tables usually run about $20-$25 bucks a day. I would imagine you could get more for indoor air conditioned space. The key would be using the foot traffic to sell food/beverages and promoting your business. The downside would be no weekend pool playing and the conversion for those three days a week.


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I find this as I am currently searching for a 4000+sq ft room in Delaware County PA. only places I see so far are zoned light industrial or closed retail stores but the property owner still wants to charge the retailer rent...

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Where does the guy who wants to practice 6-8 hours a day even go?

Is there a billiard club in your town? We have a place that sells Diamonds and they also have memberships to play on the showroom tables for so much a month, much cheaper than hourly rates at the pool hall.

If I was in your position, I'd do something like that or get a table. You're making the time commitment, make the investment commitment, too.

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A friend was forced to move his pool room and he found a very good space, but it was too large. He submitted a proposal to rent only half the space but the property owner wouldn't do that. Since the original space was a large restaurant, I suggested he see if he could find a restaurant looking for a smaller space and cohabit the space with them. There is one bar in town that does just that, they run the bar and the music venue, and contract out the restaurant portion, and that arrangement has worked well for a number of years.

My friend was skeptical, and a year later is still looking for a space.


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Well the cost of commercial space varies by location. Friend who once had Pool Room in Flagstaff, AZ.

Had $5.00 cover charge per person, a voucher was give, and the money was good for snacks, drinks, table time, or in his Pro Shop.

Help cover expenses, and worked in College town.

Idea about Swap Meet with Pool stuff sounds like good idea.