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The Official Program for the 1982 Budweiser Classic at Caesar's Tahoe listed Cole's age on his profile of 32, So, depending what month he was born, he was 61 or 62 when he passed away.

He truly was one of the greatest pool players of his era. I had the opportunity to watch him play several times, once at Bucktooth's place in a ring game of Pink Ball. He was one heck of straight shooter! If my memory serves me right, he took down the cash in that game!!

God bless Cole and his family,


Jim Ehrbar

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Remembering Cole Dickson

I met Cole when I worked at Ronnie Allens pool hall in North Hollywood Calif in the early 70's. That room had all the top players from the west coast and around the country, with regulars like Keith, Cokes, Warbucks, Jay Helfert, San Jose Dick, Hawaiian Brian, Swanney , Popcorn, Peter Rabit, Jersy Red, etc. etc. etc. He had great heart and what a shotmaker. Only played him once in the 80's at a Hubler Vegas tourney, he beat me 9 to 7 in 9 ball. Talked to him again in one of the first Derby City Classics when I was helping Scott Smith run those first events in 1998 & 99. He was off his game by that time but still a great shotmaker with great heart.

Jim Ehrbar


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Cole Dickson Memorial Shirt

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Thanks for this is great to seethe tributes and stories.

I have placed order for special commemorative t shirt....what a novel idea to support and remember such a great player and great guy.