Coming Back From Carpel Tunnel Release Surgery


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Last Wednesday I had Carpel Tunnel Release Surgery on my left (dominant) hand. Four weeks earlier I had the surgery on my right hand.
Boy, the things you take for granted, LOL! I've known since 2014 I needed the surgery, but I've put it off a bunch of times for one reason or another.
My wife's COBRA policy terms in about a month so with our yearly $6K deductible met, I wanted to get it done since the Insurance would pay for like 97% of it.

My right hand in like 80% back to better than normal.
It might tale another month or 2 to get back to full strength, but I can do a closed bridge no fact even better than before as my hand isn't falling asleep like before.
The difference is undeniable and a game changer for me. In spite of the pain, discomfort, inconvenience, etc., I'm 110% glad I finally had the surgery done.
I figure I'll be hitting balls around again in a week or 2, after I get the stitches out.

If anyone has any questions about Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or the Carpel Tunnel Release Surgery, please feel free to hit me up.
I'm happy to share my experience as well as what I've learned.