Coming back off a long layoff is TOUGH


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have you seen an optometrist?
it might help you see the edges of the balls better


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it might seem like a funny question but are you having as much FUN playing now as you did when you were younger? what is your objective? For a younger person who is in his 20-30's you may have had an objective of becoming better, hoping to win tournaments or bets or whatever it is that you are motivated towards. When you return later in life, it may possible be that your objective has changed a bit, maybe without even realizing it.

I know for me, I love playing snooker and its a lot about the comradery, less about trying to achieve those larger or longer term goals, I dont see becoming seriously competitive because of my age, eyesight is part of it for me.. Its a lot less than it was at one time , maybe glasses would help but I only wear readers so wearing glasses might be a disadvantage at least for a while.

I do love the game and the time I spend at it, but try to focus on the shot being important to me, The outcome of the game, not quite as much. I would not go so far as to say I don't care if I win but usually the motivation is just to keep playing instead of sit and wait.. I play a lot of older players and some definitely have retained their skills and built upon knowledge over time. Personally I was never that serious so I'm just now learning more about the technical side and rather than it being a crash course I need to take it in bits, practice, use new knowledge and return to play to put any new knowledge to use in order to go further..

For you, maybe you were quite serious at a younger age and that likely enabled you to learn more abotuthe tecnical aspects.

so now at this point it may be less about the technical aspects and more about refining your physical skills..

I think its similar for most sports.. people are in their prime in their 20's , by the 40's and beyond, less so.
Life !

I might become the best player in whatever old folks home I end up in 20 years ahead.. is that a goal ? ;-)

in teaching older people, one thing you need to do is get their buy in, why? because older people wont listen or pay attention until they see valid reason to learn, Kids, especially younger ones are in a state of accumulating a lot of knowledge really fast, their brains are working a lot differently than that of an older person. an older person may be less distracted , maybe can focus better.. learning and retention decreases somewhat, the mind is basically like a muscle in the way that it can work so hard until it reaches a point of exhaustion and then it's weaker until you rest.

An older person often can't digest as much as fast but they can definitely learn and retain new knowledge. Its easy to become a bit lazy and not challenge yourself enough, that's what boredom is, and some believe more strongly than others or are more determined to keep learning new stuff..

I strongly believe in lifelong learning but its different for everyone and like physical exercise , it might require conscious thought to maintain the motivation , not become lazy and have "weak muscles".

a lot of that depends on your personal drive but a lot of that drive may come out of your desire to grow..

I think it becomes pretty obvious that if you don't feel relaxed upstairs and you are worried , distracted by women , what others are saying or what you percieve they are thinking , shyness, money , others opinions , opinons etc.. this has a huge effect.. if you focus upon being so darn disappointed that you are loosing , that stuff can seriously set you back.

I think later in life people tend to "find themselves" feel more personally secure, and worry less aout other's perceptions and that allows one to be on a bit more of an "even keel".

distraction decreases your abilities.. I can't tell what others think but when I'm playing, the game is definitely not the only thing ever on my mind.. in fact people don't stop thinking even when they are speaking, they do both. its been said that thee is no such thing as multitasking,, your mind is giving time for different things, maybe even only microseconds, but it is divided. as soon as it is divided it has only so much time to focus on what's at hand. The light bulb isn't as bright, its still on, but "flickering."

My suggestion is just lighten up a bit , Dont be hard on yourself and the more relaxed attitude may allow better focus on the task at hand, IE the game. Another way to say that is dont forget to HAVE FUN !

I know some who are very good and serious payers are also wound up.. Maybe some of that is gaining an advantage by coming to the table brimming with confidence which can have the effect of making others feel disadvantaged.. its much like sharking but no one can call a guy out on being overly enthusiastic. of course people's "nature" is much different from one individual to another.

when you see a boxer come into the ring, he will often try to shark his opponent by being very confident. This takes steam from the other boxer, thats a mental game.. pool can be similar.

It sounds like you are trying to make balls so maybe playing straight pool, solo? I wonder if who you play against has much effect?

Being confident is not like you are clapping your hands every time the opponent shoots or waving your arms or asking them questions to intentionally shark.

People are complicated creatures..
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Very interesting thread, and thanks for the posts. Over the course of my lifetime, I played the most hours in my teens and 20's. Slightly less in my 30's, substantially less in my 40's, and know trying to pick the game up and bring it to a higher level in my 50's. That said, my I am fighting the most is one aspect of the mental side of the game, and that is -- I am "trying" harder today to play at a higher level and it's a focal point. It's almost like I am trying to be better today as opposed to enjoying the game, looking forward to picking it up again regularly, etc. If I could bring my game to a higher level, play at a higher level, play the better/best players around, etc. -- I would be happy and enjoy the game more.

No, when I was younger, I enjoyed the game, and that enjoyment gave ma passion to get better, be better, learn more, and so on. I enjoyed the game and enjoyed it more as I get better. Now, there's expectation, desire, all around being better. I had this very same thing with golf. Tennis was in reverse. As a kid I played on the circuit, got burnt out, got to caught up in performance and winning. I didn't enjoy the game. Only competition. Today, I couldn't care less and just enjoy the game. It's just fun. Anyway, I don't expect to be playing any nationally ranked players any time soon, LOL. Thanks.


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I am now taking an investor and community organizer approach to networking in billiard rooms. I am interested in networking does any have high school students in need of a free weekend trip to visit a college, get a meal and maybe watch sports or a culinary competition. Anyone interested let me know. I am gunning for a promotion. The college provides visas and scholarships, they have to meet standards.

Its nice to see more Asian kids playing in skyline at noon on a Sunday.

I did a free shooting session where anyball can be used for pocketing. Its a fun exercise.

Chasing a high run is not what I am about anymore.

Learning to have fun in all areas of the billiard industry is what I am going for. In my area I can do my own mini tour of rooms and just like some pros no one shows up to watch except the house.

Wayne Crimi

I showed some signs of life today.

I started with a break shot, ran 14, had a nice break shot, but missed it. In typical fashion there was some kind of bad breakdown in the mechanics in my right hand. I either twisted my wrist or my elbow came out???? Whatever it was it was bad breakdown because I missed badly. I set the shot up again, made it, and ran a nice 20 before running into trouble with no shot. Then I switched over to 9 ball. When I practice 9 ball I break and if I have a good shot on the 1 I continue, otherwise I give myself ball in hand and try to run out. I ran out once from the 1 off the break and once with ball in hand out of 5 racks. In the other racks I was stopped by position errors (I don't have my feel back at all yet) . Anyway 2 out of 5 is not bad. This was the best I've felt since I started playing again a bit. I had to stop and get to appointment after that. There's hope?
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