Converting to wrapless handle


Looking to convert a predator ikon 4-1 to wrapless. Looking to make it a curly or birdseye maple handle. Not concerned about price. But can & who is the best to do this?

Hits 'em Hard

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There’s the cheap option option of using a veneer sheet as a wrap, which doesn’t always look the best. Then there’s a total rebuild of the cue option to actually make it more solid. You already have a price in mind for what you want to spend, what is it?

Kim Bye

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I would never take on such a job, just too much aggravation. I think you'll find that most cue makers will give you the same response. If you want a wrapless cue with a curly or BEM handle, have one made.


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Have done that with veneer, once, on a cue that I originally made with a leather wrap. Would not want to do it to a manufactured cue, that could open a can of worms, IMO.