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I was watching the Pool Action TV 24-hour replay loop and they are showing a replay of the 2021 Buffalo's Pro One Pocket event with Corey doing some of the match commentary. I have to say he is one of the best I have heard at describing the logic of the various shots that may be available. I have heard him a few times and he is right up there with Jeremy Jones and Josh Roberts when it comes to breaking the one pocket action.

If you like one pocket the replay loop is a nice addition to all the great tournaments and action matches Big Truck streams live. They replay a lot of one pocket tournaments and action matches. I think the replay loop alone is worth the price of a 6-month subscription.

Happy holidays all


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Good to know, not a one pocket guy myself, but I used to love to watch corey deuel when he was in his prime, just so much raw talent. I don't know the guy but I don't get the sense that he practices as hard as other pros and his level of play has not been top tier.

I'd bet hes a damn good commentator though given how knowledgeable he is in so many different games.