Cousins Custom Cues


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I have around 30 of these cues that have never hit a ball and will start listing them in the ‘For Sale’ section with pics and prices later this week.

These cues are between 20 and 30 years old and have been stored in a controlled environment since they stopped making them almost 20 years ago. There were several hundred made and sold over the years and I played with one and sold quite a few of them myself when I worked with Gary’s cousin Ed at Cue Sports Journal in the 90’s. Gary had to stop building cues for health reasons and they were put in storage thinking they would increase in value over the years. We all know how that went, so these well made custom cues will be for sale at at very fair prices. You can find some info and pics with search in the For Sale section on AZ. The following is a blurb I found on the internet.

Cue Maker, Gary Wright, hand crafted approximately 600 custom cues from 1990 until 2000. Most of his cues were made with birdseye maple and many different exotic woods such as ebony, coco bola, kingwood, and bubinga for the points and inlays. He utilized both the phenolic 3/8-10 and 5/16-14 metal joints. Irish linen was used for the wrap and NO ivory was used in his work. The majority of his cues were sold on the west coast with some being sold through out the United States and Japan. Over the years Cousin's Cues found their way into the hands of touring pros, top regional players and many collectors. Most cues are still in play today . Ed Wright, Gary's cousin (thus the name Cousin's Cues) sold the majority of the cues directly to players and collectors at pool rooms, pool tournaments and dealer shows. Cousin's cues have quickly become valued collector's items that will appreciate in value and bring you many years of excellent play.

There are cues from four to twelve points above the wrap. They are all old school with various wood inlays. You can email me at cuesportsjournal@gmail for more information.

John Henderson


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This is something everyone gets to enjoy and learn more about, and view some cues from yesteryear.
Some people are going to acquire a new cue, both in terms of new ownership & the cues not being played.
Since there’s no ivory, state restrictions do not apply. Woohoo! Looking forward to seeing some 4 pointers.

John, thanks for sharing this early and I am looking forward to seeing whatcha got just like everyone else.

Matt B.


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What kind of low squirt carbon fiber shaft did he use?

Just kidding of course, watching in interest - can't wait to see your cues.