Covid Protocol For Bar Leagues ?


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Our area of pool league will find you driving round trips of 40 to 60
miles in some cases. We certainly want to support the little bars that
host our league and certainly support our VNEA League Organization
as both are leaning to the players to step up and start leagues by early
I have been an elected President of leagues for nearly 25 years and
am also a business owner with 35 employees who have stepped up and
are following our business protocol.
I walked in and talked to our team sponsor bar and when I walked in, was
the only person wearing a mask as the big horseshoe bar had 25 people
sitting next to each other without masks.
I talked to the owner, who has been turned in twice for non compliance and
he told me that he felt he had no right to tell an adult not move a chair three
inches and adults can make up their own mind.
I personally do not frown on peoples choice of wearing a mask or not, but,
choose to wear one in public places.

The league organization tells me that people should wear a mask when
entering the building, sign in, go to their customer table and at that time, they
can take off their mask as long as they are social distancing from other groups.
Once the game starts, both players should practice a social distance.

I have been asked what to do for disinfecting the tables, balls, washing hands
with soap after each game and so on and so on.

The league organization and the bar owners both want to stay open, but, this
task comes to me to post a protocol (with their imput) of how a league night
should be conducted.

We do not have big pool rooms available, most are small time bars that the
tables are in crowded area's to start with.

If you have been in a summer league with this type of atmosphere, I would
appreciate it if a protocol is published or if everyone is simply using common
sense and respecting their fellow players.