Cracks in my friends butt :-)


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I have a friend who just bought a really cool looking old falcon cue. But we discovered 3 cracks inside it. I don't think it affects play at all, but he is a bit nervous about it, and not really satisfied with the buy.

I would like to hear the opinion of some pro cuespecialists.

How bad is this?

There is absolutely nothing to see on the outside of the cue.


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My guess would be that at some point the cue had a wght-blt. in it and it was over-tightened.
I could be wrong on that. Also, it doesn't look like there has been a bolt in it in a while.
To confirm what I'm saying, try putting a short wght-blt. in and as you tighten it snug,
see if any of the cracks widen.

If the cue shows no cracks on the surface now, they may not progress further.
Particularly if the butt-sleeve wood is different than the tenon wood.
If at some point in the future the cue develops a 'buzz', it can and should be addressed.



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Those falcons crack in that position all the time.
I think it has something to do with the way the bumper is installed.
They are notorious for butt cap cracking too.

James Sarenich

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Tell your friend to wear long shirt tails (tucked in) and to try not to bend-over. There will still be a crack in your friends butt, but you will not have to see it! Ha Ha Jim