Craig Peterson Wrapless 6 Point


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Here it it...
Craig Peterson 6 Point Cocobolo and Maple Wrapless
Top Notch Woods used in this cue....
6 tall Cocobolo points
Birdseye Maple Forearm
Highly figured curly Maple Handle
Cocobolo Buttsleeve
Maple stitched rings
Brown Phenolic buttcap

Butt 16.5 oz
Shaft 1 3.5 oz 12.85mm
Shaft 2 3.6 oz 13.15 mm

Cue does have a few finish marks
Perfect addition to any collection


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Amazing cue from a true master. Really a shame when the great ones leave us at early ages like Burton Spain and Craig. More a shame is living in a time when they're not appreciated. Props to you, sir.